Saturday, February 27, 2010

WE were picked!!!

The "Dynamic (Stamping & Scrapbooking) Duo" from OKI/Southport are now members of Artful Legacy's FIRST DESIGN TEAM!!!! OHMYGOSH---I am SO EXCITED I can hardly type--and I woke up poor Theresa (et al) at 9 AM this morning (at least I decided to sleep late-there are mornings I am up at 4:30 AM or so!) Anyway---Once Upon a Time...There was a stamp and scrapbooking store just outside of Myrtle Beach called Artful Legacy. The bad news was...they decided to close...the GOOD NEWS is...they decided to maintain an on-line store for stamps and supplies. They feature their own stamp line designs and have an awesome selection! They put a call out a few weeks back for applicants for their FIRST DESIGN TEAM. I waited until practically the last minute but went for it. The announcement for the 4 team members was to be made on Monday (this coming-see, so excited I can't think straight). When I had a message this AM from Artful Legacy, my heart almost stopped. No, I bet I didn't make it. I hesitated opening it then, took a big swig of coffee and did. I made it!!! I squealed and scared the cats half to death! I couldn't believe it! My next thought was, "but wait---what about Theresa?!" She does better work than I do (I think!)---what if...but THERE WAS HER NAME, TOO! This is what Christine had to say:

Hi Sharon,
Yes I remember you. I really like your work and your blog! We really like what you did with the chairs - very clever - I would of never thought to do that! We would like to also welcome you as a member of our First Ever Design Team - Congratulations!!
We will get some stamps off to you so you can go to work! I am so excited!!! I think this is going to be a really great Journey for all of us.
If you would like to take at look at our stamps and pick out a few to get started that would be great. If not we will send you something for St, Patrick's and Easter/
The following are Artful Legacy Design Team Members: Congratulations Everyone

Betty Podell:

Becky Allen : Becky will be taking over Katie's blog soon

Theresa Forge blog:
and splitcoast site:

Sharon Russell:

Amanda Brazelton: Does not have a blog yet

Jessica Altman:
Have A Blessed Day
Christine & Buck
our new blog:
- Congratulations!!
our new blog:
The stamped image in the middle of the card at the top-the chairs and sea oats, are from Artful Legacy. What Christine refers to in her e-mail was my comment that I wanted two chairs facing each other-not side by side. What to do? There is such a thing as a blank mirror image stamp-you are supposed to be able to stamp your image, stamp it on the blank stamp, and then stamp that image to give you a mirrored works, but isn't the greatest. Then I had one of my (few!) brainstorms-stamp on vellum! So i stamped one chair on the front of the vellum (with Staz-On ink), flipped my paper over, and stamped the second chair on the back--whalla! Mirrored-image chairs! Here are the other two samples I submitted:

Now I am off to go check out the other winners blogs, and see what stamps I would like to work with. I suggest you do some blog-hopping as well (Saturday's are good for that! ; ) Take some time to look and see what Artful Legacy has to offer. It will be time well spent! Christine and Buck, THANK YOU for this opportunity! I will do my best to do you proud! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Part of a card...

There's really a (good) reason I am only showing you part of a card but I am not going to go into it! TT's (short for "Theresa (too) 2") Sweet 16th birthday was Tuesday. I am late (as usual)...and her card still isn't done! Oh well. It's the thought that counts, right? And she'll get to celebrate a little longer. Here is a close up of the cake. It is from Close to My Heart's stamp of the month (February) set which is deliciously adorable! I ordered it on the 1st-or close to it-I just couldn't wait! Lol. This is part of what's called a "side step card"--some of my previous posts show the whole card/concept-for now, here's the "step" part-and there's a great tutorial on Julie Davison's site ( that will tell you how. I made mine a bit bigger to accommodate the letters--and, I apologize, but I can't remember whose site the larger measurements were on or I would give credit where credit is due...anyway--what I used was 6"x12" paper-scored at 6". Then I made a cut 4" in from the left side, beginning 3" down and stopping 1" from the bottom. You then score on the 3", 6" 8", 10" and 11" inch marks and fold mountain, valley, mountain, etc. This will make more sense to you if you watch Julie's tutorial first! The cake--is colored with Sharpie's (I've not been blessed with Copics...yet...) and then the cake itself covered with Liquid Glass and covered with clear glitter. It was also embossed first with clear embossing powder (this helps the coloring --or should I say color-er...) to stay in the lines! Yes, there ARE 16 candles there--I layered some on the front and back of the panel and they, too were clear embossed and then stamped in color(s) (CTMH citrus leaf, crystal blue, watermelon and sunflower). The "Sweet 16" is from the CTMH Boutique Alphabet and Number set, stamped in watermelon, embossed and yes, Theresa, all cut out one by one (your daughter is a sweetheart!) The ribbon...was "leftover" from, believe it or not, a customer's Christmas card order! Lol. I believe it is Offray. Of course..there are lots of pop-dots to give it all dimension.

On another note...cats are said to be "great hunters". They will often bring whatever they have caught and lay it at your feet expecting you to say "good kitty" while you, um, are trying to smile and not loose your cookies to put it politely. While our guys are inside cats (except for our back deck where they can go out but not down--we're up on pilings...) they don't get to hunt. One of the kitten's favorite toys when he was, indeed, a kitten, was Squeaky Mouse. I could rattle this mouse (who squeaks) and the baby would come running and do anything I wanted. Well, while the fascination and cooperation has died back a bit as he's gotten older and perhaps wiser...he still plays with it from time to time. I noticed last evening and this am that the mouse was under the corner of the bathmat by the bathroom sink. Today...he is now sitting exactly in front of "The Throne"! I cracked up when I saw that! I think somebody wants or needs to hear a "good kitty" (perhaps it's the Bad Cat who lived up to his name after he got on the counter and decided to sample my husband's lunch-none other than tuna salad. I dare say there was more salad than tuna left! That BAD CAT!).
That's it for me today. I may finish her card...or not. There's always tomorrow, Scarlet! Gotta run some errands and clean up a bit. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Used to be...

...Theresa and I could jump in the car and head to Wilmington to our favorite "local" scrapbook and stamp stores--or go a little further across the state line to one or two...for inspiration, classes with others including THE Stamp Queen...and drool over the newest fads and tools. Not so anymore. We spend our time on-line (my husband seems to continually comment on my time in front of the computer...) blog hopping, hoping for that same inspiration and wondering if what we see in tools, etc-really work. Sigh. I can't say...because of store closings our shopping costs have been cut---lol. I see it and well, sometimes just have to have it. Cute card on a blog? OH MY where did you get those stamps? New tool-I just ordered yet another one. My good angel said "well, we need to find out if it works-and share it--that's OUR job now..." the bad angel---lost so his argument and points are mute anyway! One of the stores we miss was in Myrtle Beach-called Artful Legacy. THE Stamp Queen came there-and we shopped there. Now they have an on-line store vs. the "brick and mortar"store as the stores of yesteryear are called. And a blog. It's just beginning and it's going to be fun to watch it grow. Theresa and I have both sent in samples to see if we can become part of their first Design Team. I know she will be picked without a doubt! Her work is awesome. Always has been, always will be. Me? Who knows?! And you won't know...unless you try! So check out and see their samples, stamps and products. I also have to give a shout out to the very nice person who e-mailed me the layout instructions for the Life Delights Book. That was SO THOUGHTFUL. See-I asked--and I received. God loves to bless us...we just have to be open to it.
Time to get to the day-job! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy SWEET 16, TT!

No, I don't have her card done---yet! It's in my head, tho! I know exactly what I want to do---when I have time to do it! This sweet, sweet gal---tags along with her mom amd I without complaint shopping literally until our legs are about to fall off. As long as we remember to feed her (preferably Wendy's or McD's) she's happy. She always has a hug and a smile for me. Is most appreciative of anything you do or give to her and keeps us laughing. I am so blessed to know her. So-happy birthday, TT from me and the cats...-your card might be late, but I am thinking about you on your special day!
So---I looked at the calendar---yowzers---our class is coming up quick and have I made and designed our project yet---?! Uh, NO! So... I pulled out one of my books that's been collecting dust on my shelf. I could cheat-I could take the Life Delights book, measure the papers and remake the same layouts with the new embellishments and papers. But--don't think that's fair to the gals who made that first one. So--I picked out new designs-got some GREAT ideas I want to try. Now ya'll can pray. Math is not my strong point! Figuring out how much of which papers I can use for what and have enough for the entire book/project...well, I'm worried. Maybe Theresa will take pity on me! When we did the first book, she helped me cut the kits and came up with a better way than CTMH did on their directions and we had more paper leftover to do some other things with. HINT HINT HINT! Lol.
I am really conflicted today then--I need to go to work and do the newsletter (kinda like scrapbooking on the computer...!), but I also want to stay home and do TT's card and work on the book! Sigh. Oh well. Better go to work--need the $ for shopping sprees with TT and Theresa-not to mention vet visits, trips to the pool (the relief from the pain lasted 3 whole days! I am impressed!) Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Monday, February 22, 2010

Keep it simple...

and I am adding "stupid!" after that for myself~! I learned something new yesterday...after I had sorted all my Close to My Heart sets on Saturday...and made catagory labels for each box, trying to decide how to file what...I was putting one or two "escapees" away when I looked at the little cover sheets in the envelopes. See those words above My Acrylix..."Sentiments", "Celebration" was one of those slap yourself upside the head, sister! moments. DUH!!!! They made it simple---they already catagorized them--why did I have to complicate it?! I confess-for whatever reason I pull my stamp sets out the minute I get them and flip them around-I like being able to see the entire set without the flap and snap in the way (it's just one of (many!) of my little quirks!), so I can't say I've ever really looked close at that sheet before! So---now I will go back and see how I should refile these! Luckily, I only made quick handwritten labels--the "fancy" ones were on the to-do list. And, speaking of to-do, if you scroll down... you'll see why my "to-do's" don't always "get done"! I pulled the baskets out, to sort things into, and look what happens...first the kitten (aka Inky, short for Inkadinkadoo...)
and then Bad Cat had to have a turn, too! I can't put things away for trying to keep cats out! Lol. Poppa Cat got in, too, but he comes right to me when he spies the camera so I just got his backside and tail as he hopped out! Gotta love these guys! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Transformed the tape gun...

So here is the before picture...I got a whole roll of painter's tape and went to it! Lol. I had tons of tape on that tape gun--but---I also didn't get paint anyplace I didn't want it so it was worth it. I was skeptical about (not) having streaks and drips and overspray marks having to paint the inside and then the out...but it went on very smoothly, stuck, and dried well. I let it sit overnight to be on the safe side...
Then I pulled out the "bling"! I got two rub-ons that say "drama QUEEN"--I really don't think I exagerate the "drama" in my life-it just sort of follows and finds me! Theresa can vouch for that! Only me could have some of the crazy things that have happened, happen! At least we get some good laughs out of it! Anyway, I put the rub-ons on either side, and added the crystals one by one. I thought I had gotten-and maybe did get---the crystal "swirls"--but naturally, I could not find them when I needed them today so this was Plan B. I was not going to WM!

The little letters for my initials on the handle actually cover up the screws that hold this baby together! Not too shabby! I am happy with it -and that's what counts! I would certainly do it again and encourage anyone whose been afraid of trying it that it was really a piece of cake!Until next time (and I did have 2 other things I wanted to post but Blogger, as usual, is being a bugger and it's time for me to get ready for my real job....!)---happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Get Well Soon, My Friend...

My friend Theresa is still suffering with her cold-and I failed to get her card down to the mailbox yesterday before the postlady got here! Oh well...tomorrow's another day,'s what I made-very similar to the one I posted previously--

I simply could not believe that, out of all the stamps I own...this was the only "get well soon" stamp I have! It's really very tiny depite what it appears to be here! The back stair-step panel says "one in a million, one of a kind"--I have no clue who made the (unmounted/girlfriends matter) stamped image or the dp. I think the get well soon is from a set by Inkadinkadoo. The flower I simply folded in half and added a button and bit of ribbon for a "bow" knot.

About 4 AM today --I needed this card! Something hadn't set right on my tummy so its been a rough time for me today. Just taking it easy and slow...I may get the tape gun put back together today---and some stamps and stickers sorted...all "sit-down" jobs I can do at my leisure. It's somewhat frustrating-feeling so much better from the fibro after the pool to be sidelined with this! Oh well. God is trying, once again, to simply tell me to SLOW DOWN...someday, maybe I will "get it"! Whatever you do, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Answered Prayers...

Yesterday...I mentioned that I had gone out to the Aquatics Center at our community college and spent just about 1/2 hour in the pool with my friend, Robin, who walked me through some gentle stretches. Robin teaches water areobics and thought the warmth of the pool coupled with the stretches (I am far from ready or able to a take a class--hence the "one on one" modified version!) would help my fibromyalgia. Let me tell you...fibro not walk, RUN to the first available pool and instructor you can find. I actually slept last night (not simply dozing and thinking about how much I hurt...because I didn't!), I actually have some energy today (that's been almost non-existent and anything I have done I've "forced" myself to do...even the fun stuff!), and I saved the best part for last---THE PAIN LEVEL IS DOWN CONSIDERABLY! Yes, with one session! I will shoulders really hurt last night, but I put the heating pad on and that subsided. I did wake up with some pain-part fibro and part from working out (my husband laughs-styrofoam weights and I hurt?! Well, resistance in the water coupled with pain...) But what I woke up with was down at least by half and after I got out of bed and moved a little bit, my pain level is down at least 75%!!! I feel like ME again---! Anyone living with chronic pain will understand the magnitude of this. So-please try this or pass the info on to someone you know who might benefit from it. I cannot wait to see what a regular routine of this will do even if I only get to go 1x a week!
On stamping notes...I got my spray paint for my tape gun so hopefully I can get that done and decorated and posted. I also have another card to post. For now, I have a small black cat quite contentedly sitting in my lap, am going to have another cup of coffee and continue checking out my fav blogs. Theresa at has some BEAUTIFUL baby cards up! Send her some get well wishes--she's got a horrible cold! Until later, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Friday, February 19, 2010


Today's blog-and for good reason-feature some "commercials"! First and foremost, for any fibromyalgia suffers out there--find a HEATED POOL...and a water aerobics instructor who can teach you some GENTLE stretches to do in the water. You will find RELIEF!!! This is the first time I have been almost completely pain-free in I can't tell you how long thanks to my friend, Robin. I first met Robin when I went to work for her at Robin's Nest-her day care center. She was extremely nice and although life's path took us in different directions, those paths have intersected time and again over the years. She now teaches water aerobics and encouraged me to come out to the new Aquatics Center at our local community college. It is an awesome facility and Robin was her usual patient, easy going self and walked me through-literally-some easy stretches. It seems the water at chest level helps to compress the muscles so that when you get out, even after the GENTLE workout I had, the muscles release-hence my RELIEF. I was in the water for only 1/2 hr.--it took longer to get there than I was in! I know I will sleep better tonight and hopefully feel better tomorrow, too because of it. Anything is better than more meds!
Before I went today, I wanted to make a thank you card for her...I've been itching to try the "Side Step" card I found on Julie Davison's blog ( --and I have fallen in love with it (I did, of course, alter it a bit...the panels attached to the card and "steps" are bigger than what she used-but she used the ornament stamp set most of our groupies got from SU from Theresa...hmm,, good 2010 Christmas card you could start now on!)You do need to have a paper cutter like the Fiskers or Cutterbee or something similar (where you have a blade that slides down a grooved arm vs. a "guillotine" style paper cutter)-and a Score Pal. Other than those tools, this card is easy-peasy and here's what I came up with...

The paper and inks are CTMH--the stamps well, the sun is a Mary Englebright but not sure about the others. The other "commercial" I want to do is for Martha's Around the Page Punches and an e-bay site/store called While I was sitting at the computer last Saturday, I saw and fell in love with the Deco Shells Around the Page punch set. There are two punches-one to do the corner, the other that punches three shells at a time. Granted, you have to use certain size paper to get this to work, and Martha's punches don't always work well on heavier papers/cardstock-but it makes a beautiful border when it does work. Anyway, I digress. The e-bay site was, as I mentioned, My punches arrived on Tuesday! I ordered them on Sat.--so that was a mere 2-3 days! Very fast, and I thought their price on the punches was reasonable, too. I will be looking to see what others they have!
Well, I have not one but three new craft magazines waiting on me...and my hubby is going to brave the cold to grill hot dogs for supper (one of my favorites!) to maybe I will go see what I can rustle up to go with them since I forgot the potato salad (and yes, I was in two different Wal-Mart's today and still forgot!). So, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


and after! Read my previous post and these pics will make more sense! Lol. But it works-it really works! I cannot wait to fix my big ruler! And no mistaking whose THIS RULER is! Lol. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

A LIGHTBULB moment...

Ok---so I got a new "toy" today--er, TOOL--should say TOOL--sounds more professional and besides, THE Stampqueen says "You've got to have the right TOOLS..." -and remember Tim the Tool-man Taylor?! Ok-so I got a new TOOL-the Bind It, I didn't take pics of it, but it is CUTE! I got the best deal I've seen on the web the whole 2-3 years I've been looking at it. It came with a cute little tote bag for it and when I went on-line I saw the cute little pink TOOL KIT (pliers, wire cutters, scissors, etc.) that matches it. I have those things-in fact, my oldest step-son proudly gave me a whole set of little pliers, cutters, etc.-and I even made a pretty quilted bag for them. But-I thing this little kit had was a non-slip ruler. Now I was one of those who rushed out and bought the Basic Gray magnetic cutting mat and ruler. And promptly chopped it to pieces (the mat is extremely thin and wasn't the best choice I've ever made!). Basic Gray did replace it...but you've got to use the magnetic mat with the magnetic ruler. Not something I want to always pull out and you have to cut CAREFULLY. But I got to thinking about the ruler...Nora was in search of non-slip rulers when she was teaching us mosaic scrapbooking. My mind flitted to the bow-makers I had my husband make...that I put the shelf stuff on the bottom of to keep them from slipping...HELLO---shelf stuff---keeps them from SLIPPING?! When I find my trusty wooden ruler, you can bet I am going to cut a piece of SHELF STUFF (I have the kind that is like a tight, rubber mesh--) and hot glue it to my ruler...I bet it stops slipping! How quick, easy and CHEAP is that?! Ohhh-and I just remembered---I also have some 6" rulers I got at a yard sale!~ Go me---! So-that's my tip for the day. Oh-wait. Someone isn't going to know what a bind it all is---it is a little (pink!)machine that punches holes in chipboard, paper, etc. so you can (wire) bind a book--it's almost like little loops vs. a true "spiral" bind. It makes a very nice, clean looking binding and I am sure we'll use it in a class at some point!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Monday, February 15, 2010

Laundry S.O.S.!

Since I hadn't accomplished much in the way of housework on Saturday, I decided I had at least get some laundry done yesterday. I started to put a load of light clothes in the washer when GASP! I discovered that one of my (lt. yellow) shirts had Cranberry CTMH ink all over it-I mean the entire pad was stamped on the bottom of my shirt (I had worn it on Fri.!) As if that weren't bad enough, my favorite new winter shirt (not too thin, not too thick but just warm enough...) which was oatmeal in color...also had ink on it. Not as much---and a few other spots as well (it I wore on Sat.) What to do?! I called Theresa---no, she'd never had any luck getting ink out. So I was alone in this laundry quandry. Although I had (unsuccessfully) used Oxiclean before, it was the only thing I had so I sprayed the spots heavily. I then threw in the laundry soap we use (special ordered liquid allergy free for my oh so sensitive skin). Said a prayer, set the dial to cold and let 'er rip. I held my breath when I went to pull the clothes out and, when I did, I wished I had taken "before" and "after" shots!!! The oatmeal shirt looks brand new : )
The yellow shirt has one insy tinsy pink line at the bottom by the hem--that's all! Since an apron wouldn't cover long sleeves---I think I will save that solution for summer. Maybe my next thrift store trip I will scour the men's shirts and see if I can't find something funky to wear when I am stamping for just this very reason! Carbona makes excellant stain removers, too-I just didn't happen to have any and, of course, the only store that did was at least 1 1.2 hrs. away!
I am super sleepy today and wish I could curl up and go back to sleep--but work becons. Maybe the 3rd cup of java will be just the thing to get me going! Until next time--happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day...

Note: Blogger has been less than cooperative today! So if this is cattywhampus in any way--forgive me--I guess I should be grateful I got it posted at all! S.
Other than getting up to make this card for my hubby and to clean the table up afterwards-I have to confess...I didn't do much of anything yesterday other than that and the walk we took in the SNOW! I am an "on the go" type person. I hardly ever sit still. It drives my husband craZy sometimes. Yesterday, when I sat down to take a peek at my favorite blogs, Inky (aka the kitten) decided to curl up in my lap. About an hour later he was still there...My husband was going to go take a nap and I said I needed to get up and get some things done--then the headache hit. Migraine. So, I took my medicine and stayed put...for two more hours! The kitten was content---I less so but the fact that I just sat still was HUGE for me! I'd like to say between that and the medicine it helped. Not so much. But I did discover some new blogs, ordered the paint for my tape gun, and enjoyed the little ball of fur in my lap! My hubby brought me a bowl of homemade crab soup which I thoroughly enjoyed, too! And I DID...get his valentine done when I did get up! I've had the "peanut butter and jelly" stamp since before Christmas! I knew I was going to use it in some way for his Valentine. I thought I would do a circle card---until i realized none of my punches were big enough and I didn't want to mess with trying to cut one with other methods. This is an easel card and this is what I came up with. More of the paper from My Mind's Eye, the bracket and Valentine sentiment from Close to My Heart set, the peanut butter and jelly sentiment from Farmer's Market (anyone know where I can find more of those-they are adorable!); ink Cranberry, Cocoa and Black CTMH;embossing powder-um,not sure as with the jar stamp (I've had it forever-it was one of my first stamps!); ribbon offray, buttons-who knows. He really liked it-said it wasn't too girly! Lol. Hope you have a great Valentine's Day! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby, it SNOWED outside...!

We woke up to a white world this morning! Before we went to bed last night, I stuck my headout the front door and said, "No-no snow..." I had only looked at our deck, which was clear. My husband, however, opened the door and said "It's snowing like crazy!" He looked beyond the deck! Lol. It was coming down in big white flakes. Now, I grew up in snow country, and he did to, so this really isn't as big a deal to us as it is to the "native" islanders! But, I have to confess, it was pretty this morning when everything was quiet and covered in white. He set each of the cats out the back door and they weren't sure what to make of it! This cold, wet, 3"+ white stuff just wasn't in their "hard drive" as he says and they all dashed back inside after one or two steps! We bundled up and went out and about to take some photographs. And that's where the scrapbooking comes in...I realized as I was snapping away that I was looking for the um, not so typical shots...what would make a good layout...a background...a close up highlighted pic? Yep, a scrapbooker at heart. Maybe Joel will send me that camera and photography info "someday" and I will take a few classes. For now, this is what I got, and I think they are pretty good! And the one of the walkway to the beach? I think I should get a summer family shot and superimpose it--? It's that, or the funny glasses I gave Buzz and Theresa! I'd better go refill the coffee cup and get onto making some VALENTINE'S---time is running out! Until next time, enjoy the pics and happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm dreaming of a WHITE Valentine's Day...?!

Us "transplanted" Northerner's are laughing like crazy right now as our little island/beach communities are just panicked over the prediction of 1-3 INCHES of snow! I grew up in Ohio, not too far from the shores of Lake Erie---where 1-3 FEET was a LIGHT snowfall! Lol. Anyway, I have been in and out today completing my errands lest I get stuck out there with the "natives" who don't know how to drive in snow and ice... !
A co-worker of my husband called and asked me to do a Valentine for his wife...he wanted "happy Valentine's Day" and "I love you"---"whatever you do will be fine...!" Lol. Men. Gotta love 'em. I covered all bases-she's getting a cherub, flower, hearts and sappy sentiments (sorry-I have a headache and am cranky right now! Feel like Mo's 2 year old Tasha pic (the little ballerina having a temper tantrum...?!) Here are the pics of what I spent the morning doing in-between my MUCH-NEEDED haircut. Tomorrow, Scarlet, I will work on my hubby's card! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon
DP is My Mind's Eye; ink Close to My Heart Cranberry; stamped images all Close to My Heart (Vintage Valentine and Soul Mates); punch by Martha Stewart (that almost went in the garbage-why can't she make punches that PUNCH?!) ribbon & flower-not sure! and of course, POP DOTS!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It was a BLAST---and no bears...!

Good Wed. morning all! First, let me clarify some of my "ranting and raving" from yesterday. I had poor Sarah of the UK confused when I mentioned Pella Windows. I am house sitting and doing some bookkeeping for a friend who is wintering in FL. She had a window that needed some repair. Pella Windows is the company I was -note WAS--dealing with. It took at least 15 phone calls for them to understand I work in the morning and could not meet a repairman until afternoon. We finally established a date and time (last Thurs.). My good friend Theresa came with me as there are no neighbors real close to this gal's house and I didn't want to be alone with a strange repairman. We waited, in an ice cold house for 2 hours. No show. I called the company. For whatever reason, when they didn't reach me at home (how could I be home and at my friend's waiting on him to show up--that's the lack of logic I was dealing with--!), they called the other person that is a contact for my friend and she informed them that they didn't need to come out until spring! Meantime, here I sit wasting my afternoon freezing to death. Needless to say I was not very nice towards the end of that call and I won't be dealing with them. My friend can handle it when she comes home as its not an urgent matter! So-that was my Pella Window experience! If you want repairs done should you need them, you are in for lots of stress. I broke out and my fibromyalgia kicked up as a result of the stress. Not a fun week-end in that regard.

Now--on to the BEAR story! Last month "Buzz" told us that she was headed to her daughter and son-in-laws house when all of a sudden this HUGE thing was in the middle of the road in front of her. Turned out it was a bear! No one was hurt but she was a bit shook up (even locked the car door!) We got a good laugh over it as the fright had worn off by then. Theresa was not at that meeting but when I told her Buzz's story, she started leaving little white trash bags out for her husband at night. He asked what was going on. Turns out that Theresa's lives next to an empty lot and their trash can is on the edge of it. Not wanting to meet up with a BEAR, she would set the trash outside the door for her husband to take over there. She had me laughing so hard over this I had tears streaming for a half hour or better! So---I was going to buy them each their own bottle of bear repellant. Until I found out they were like $ 50-60 each! So---I made them their own Bear REPELLANT KITS...I included the glasses with the fake eyebrows and moustache --because, as the TEDDY BEAR'S PICNIC song says, if you're going into the woods today, you'd better go in disguise...! I also included a printout on BEAR SAFETY TIPS that I suggested they memorized. If that didn't help, they had a TRAVEL CUP, A BOTTLE OF WATER, A SMALL BOTTLE OF RUM, AND A SMALL PACKAGE OF PAT O'BRIEN'S HURRICANE COCKTAIL MIX. They were told to put it all in the cup, shake it well (as if they wouldn't be doing that already!) and drink it quickly. They wouldn't care if there was a bear there after that! But, just in case that didn't work, they should be prepared to THROW the cup at the bear and run like h-e-double hockey sticks!! They are really good sports and got lots of laughs out of this! That's Buzz on the right, Theresa on the left modeling their "disguises"! On the bags, I used CTMH yellow cardstock and punched it with Martha's Drippy Goo Punch. I then covered the parts of the border that showed with Liquid Effects to make it look like sticky honey dripping down. A Shout Out to JULIE for letting me borrow her CTMH bear stamp set to mask and stamp the border-the background is the words to the song "TEDDY BEARS PICNIC. The quilled bee's have been in my stash forever---and the paw print was perfect to stamp the bags! The ribbon was from Wal-Mart.
I had been planning this since our last meeting in early January and was about to POP if I couldn't have shared it with them last night! I love these gals--ALL the gals in our group. We have a great time stamping and laughing and being girls! Thanks Ladies for being such good sports and letting us laugh with you!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I haven't deserted you, oh my faithful followers...

Hi all. I really, really did stamp and create some more this week-end and I am just DYING and ITCHING (literally itching-don't ever buy PELLA WINDOWS-long story...) to show it to you...but it would spoil a surprise I have for my friends. I PROMISE--I will take photos of it and share tomorrow afternoon. I did...get the table cleaned up--and then promptly trashed it again. Oh well. The project is worth it. I am thinking...of making a t-shirt with Mo's digital image of the cute little ballerina stomping her foot with the "there can only be one queen" quote-and she has an ADORABLE image today of a porcupine in love with a pin cushion! What a cute card that would make for my sewing/quilting friends! Also, check out Amazing Mae's blog-she has directions for a cute little trinket bag for kids to put all their treasures in-but heck, I would like a dozen or so for myself! What great stocking stuffers these would make!
Inky's eye isn't healing too quickly so another week of not one but two different kinds of drops and a 4th trip to the vet next week. Sigh. Momma had an allergic/itching reaction from stress (again, don't ever buy Pella Windows!) and the fibro kicked in for the same reason-not to mention the rain coming. Double sigh. At least tonight is scrapbooking nite and Theresa is teaching so I know it will be great. That and the Close to My Heart orders are in so fun things to play with. My new Bind It All is on its way. An e-bay seller took time to give me a heads up that, due to the snow they had already gotten, plus the 12-18" on its way, she may not be able to mail my stamp for a few days. Told her to be safe and not to worry---no rush for the stamp! As if I don't have any others to play with! Thought it kind of her to let me know though. Well, its that time. The real job becons. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, February 6, 2010

cHaOs in the Kingdom...!

Good Saturday morning! Just thought I would show you what happens in my "magic kingdom" when the "Queen" decides to create! I started out to clean this up for the gazillionth time yesterday (I must confess-this is the DINING ROOM table and its been like this for-well, never mind!) Anyway, first I got sidetracked making the tag for the new Big Shot that done...and then decided that this little lady would make a cute plaque, too-so had to try that-why not-I had all the stuff out anyway...I did manage to get the dishwasher unloaded and loaded-my whole housework agenda for the day! As I said yesterday, this is an image from Mo's Digital stamp site (see link on sidebar) and, some days, I just really feel like her...2 years old (even though my inner child is 4!) and cranky! I took some pink sheer ribbon and ran a gathering stitch through one side and then hot glued it down just high enough under her arm and tummy that it doesn't show. Then colored, cut and layered her upper body on top of it with pop dots (of course). I popped up her little foot she's ready to stomp, too but it's kinda hidden under the skirt. I did add a little glitter to the skirt--a Queen must have glitter! The flower had just happened to have fallen on the floor and I thought "hmmm...that will work!" Then I used the big shot and a new swirly embellishment for the corner.
Well, my mini cooper fund took a hit last night. You see, there's a scrapbook store in Myrtle Beach that has allowed us crafters to bring in our "I love it, gotta have it but never used it" supplies and put them up for sale in exchange for store and class credit. I've got a Rubicoil machine...and have drooled over the bind it all. This store is having the above mentioned sale again. So last night I was perusing e-bay and found the beginner kit (incl. machine), coils, pages and case...for one of the best prices I have ever seen. Did I mention free shipping? So...I bit the bullet and hit the buy it now button. I will pack up my Rubicoil and coils and take to the sale. Ya never know--it may sell, it may not. As my husband says, I spent $ to save $! I will be doing another tag for that bag (which is pink) -- and I think I will use "Two Jill" from Mo's site. And then, hmm, maybe "Stepsisters" for the regular tool bag. I am on another kick, can you tell?!

We had such wind and rain here last night it reminded me of the year "Hurricane No Name" came through! We were rocking and rolling, that's for sure. Theresa took exception to not having a cat here's PC just for her...he's not been feeling to great the last day or so...not sure what's up but he got a hairball remedy treat just for the heck of it. Well, I need to get that table cleared and who knows-maybe Theresa and I will get to play together today-or tomorrow. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

"Yes, your HiGhness...I am at your service!"
yeah, right-first, it's a CAT...and then it's a
MALE cat at that! lol!

Friday, February 5, 2010

I TAGGED my new BAG!

Ok-so I am embellishing everything with the robin's egg blue w/brown polka dot ribbon! (better run, cats! Lol!)--But the best part of this tag, by far, is Mo's Digital stamp 2 Tasha! This little prima ballerina is just having a fit--and my stamp from Michael's dollar bin (!) is a PERFECT match! I printed out the image, embossed the sentiment, layered it onto a round, hard plastic luggage tag from Wal-Mart. On the backside, I attached another circle with my name and contact information. Stamped a crown in pink as well. Then I covered both sides with clear contact paper, added the glitter and crystals, then tied it all onto the bag. Oh-added a metal tag "S" as well. Too darn cute if I do say so myself! I LOVE Mo's digital images-you cannot resize a rubber stamp to fit exactly what you need!
On another note--Theresa liked the bag post yesterday but asked where the cats were. So-Here's Bad Cat in the box with Inky (aka kitten...) waiting his turn--and then gets it! Lol. Cats. Too funny. Until next time, stay warm and dry-happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Maybe I should say "new person" too--she is hardly "stuff" after all! Remember the baby card I posted a few days back? Well! This is the SWEET ANGEL I made it for! She is the daughter of one of my husband's co-workers and I got to hold her last evening when we went to deliver the card and the gifts I got for her 2 big brothers (I always try to take a little something for siblings when there's a new baby--it makes them feel important, too! She slept through the 4 of talking around her. Seeing the pictures-and getting NEW (craft) STUFF has made today almost bearable! (Theresa-God bless her-and I spent the better part of our afternoon freezing to death at a friends house waiting for a repairman to show up-who never showed--that's the short version of a long(er) story!)

When she came...she brought with her my new BIG SHOT DOCTOR'S BAG! She hadn't even tore it open to look at it like I told her to! Such restraint I don't have! Lol! I have looked at this for month's now-and finally with their spring sale (it goes until the end of March---so you've not missed out yet!) I splurged and got it. I have to confess---I thought it was over priced. Until I've laid eyes on it! It appears to be very well made. It has the handles as well as the shoulder strap-two outside pockets-one inside full-sized pocket and then smaller pockets along the other side. It also has a metal frame that "pops" the bag open and keeps it that way. It is black, white and pink plaid on the outside (my photo doesn't show that well-that fine white line that appears to be glowing is actually the pink pinstripe in the plaid...). The pink with white, black and brown polka dots! As you can see, it holds the big shot, the cutting plates as well as the folder with PLENTY of room left over for embossing folders, etc. If I were to change one thing, I think I would add 1" in the width of it but it fits snugly as it is and that's fine. I will probably add some blue bling/ribbon/something to tie it in with my craft tote bag. I have invested in some great tools lately and if I ever find the binding for the handles hope to make a brown and robin's egg blue bag to hold my 12"x12" Tonic Cutter along with my Score Pal and Cutting Pad. I also got a bottle of Crystal Effects (I like it much better for giving a glossy finish to embellishments than Liquid Glass) and a set of stamps for free as part of the spring sale promo. These are the new unmounted to be used with the clear blocks. I like the sentiments and can't wait to use the "the bigger the candles, the bigger the wishes" stamp with the Candlelight and Piece of Cake sets from Close to My Heart!
Time to go find a good book, a warm blankie and a CAT to curl up with--they enjoyed the box the doctor's bag came in so everyone has something new to play with...! Don't forget to e-mail Theresa with your Sale-a-bration order! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon