Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Take 2...and 3....

Ok-so I wonder...how many hours in my lifetime will spent waiting for photos to upload to Blogger?! That, and I am sure YOU are wondering... many of these things can I make, anyway?! Well, it appears it's like the accordian cards I did this summer...THESE ARE ADDICTING!!! ; ) I love doing them---they are super, super easy (now that I have my own measurements & instructions), and I think are too cute. I wanted to make a variation from the "cutesy" Tilda & Edwin...and I liked this paper by 29th Street Market...even the advertising border on this paper is nice---and it's one of my favorite lines-so I used it as embellishment as well. THIS ONE IS MINE!!!

The brown, yellow, cream & blue one is made from CTMH papers and I really like the color combination, particularly with the blue ribbon. This was a quick "oops, I didn't know it was your birthday, please forgive me" gift and this AM I whipped up the little pop-up card (it's only 3x3!) to go with it. Stamped images & ink on it are also all CTMH. Speaking of which---if you didn't order the September CTMH stamp of the month---you've really, really missed out! It is absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to use it! Of course I also learned that our son and daughter-in-law to be may meet us at the VA fair this week-end, and the stamps she chose for her wedding announcements showed up today. So, if I do anything before we leave, it had better be some samples for her to look at (the groom thinks the flowers look like a cabbage! What do men know, anyway?!) Hey, I know...a post-it holder for him...with the "cabbage"--he thinks its a veggie anyway, right?! Just kidding! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon ps/Roxy--you may have had ink on your fingers & nails...but I am saying "what nails?!" after I saw one of the pics with mine in it! We love what we do, what can I say! ; )

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, Monday...

...is Monday and while today hasn't been too bad, I've not yet calmed down from the second not-so-pleasant boating experience I've had in my lifetime (the first being some years ago when my step-father accidentally hit, and took down, a cement marker in the IW and I almost drowned!)
As we do most week-ends, late-afternoon Sun. my husband packed a picnic supper while I packed "gear" (books, glasses, towels, etc.) so we could go out boating, anchor, eat, read, watch the birds and the sunset. All was well, even though the engine sputtered a little before we got underway and there was some water accumulated in the boat due to the heavy rains on Sat. We were in the process of running the water out when our local Coast Guard decided to single us out from 2 or 3 other boats. Although, ultimately, we discovered that the only thing they were doing was a routine safety check, it was, by far, one of the most upsetting and disturbing experiences I have had! While my late husband was a Coast Guard Auxiliarist, I can assure you he wouldn't have stayed one long if he presented himself as the two "officers" (and I use that term loosely!) did yesterday. And no, it's not just a case of "sour grapes" because we were singled out. I highly respect what our service personnel do--when I am treated with the same respect I offer them. I can only hope it was a training mission and that the men who conducted the check have a lot more time in the classroom before they are unleashed on the unsuspecting public again! I am still stewing, as is my usually much more reserved husband!
Enough of all that! Before we left yesterday, I started a project I've had on hold for sometime now. I finished it before I dashed out the door on my way to work this am in an attempt to calm down some--so please don't fault my kindergarten coloring skills! This is a really neat, somewhat simple project...or would be if the instructions had been accurate and clear. My box is cattywhampus (ie one side wider than the other!) --and I take credit for the added pencil holder! As you can see, the little book that sets inside holds a (partial) pad of 3x3" Post-It Notes. The calendar Theresa made me would also fit nicely in here with the notes...but it's "mia" at the moment--it's Monday...allll day! The images of course are Tilda and Edwin from Magnolia Stamps, the inks CTMH, the dp and ribbon...not sure but I love the colors, the ruler is the "real deal" as I found a box of small rulers at a yard sale!
I really like this and can see it as stocking stuffers! A remake (translate: less "girly" version) --camouflage maybe--? for the guys! ; )
This might even make a great class...hmmm.
I hope you have a good week-not sure if I will post anymore before we leave for the VA State Fair or not but, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Monday, September 21, 2009

With/Without, Before & After...

You can laugh...but our Bad Cat, by far, is the most "crafty kitty" of the bunch! He often hangs out with me in the craft room, seems to know just where that "thing" I just had and now can't find is, and offers good advice (by "cooing" or keeping mum!). Of course, he cons me out of more than his fair share of treats (not to mention catnip!) and keeps trying to negotiate a pay increase (never mind that he always takes the best chair in the room!) Lol. After our company left this week-end, I slipped into the craft room to try and unwind a little. I began the next batch of treat bags...and this is what I came up with (my apologies for the glare...and my thanks to my husband who saved the camera battery I managed to break!)...

While I was pleased that even after I colored the (clear) embossed image with black Sharpie (maybe Santa will bring me some Copics...?!), the face of the cat still showed up...the over-all outcome was just...well...blah. It needed something...Bad Cat of course insisted it was cat treats and/or catnip (no chocolate, momma!)--but I knew that wasn't it...

So I kept thinking and playing and...after looking at the moon, I decided it was what needed "perking up"--I didn't have a moon "face" that was small enough and I didn't want to detract from the cat...I also didn't want to have to outline, by hand, 24 moons-I would never get that to my Type A perfectionist satisfaction! Lo and behold, my swirl stamp set and "yellowy-orange" ink called to me! It really made the whole thing POP! Just that little bit of playing around made the difference! (MC-just so you know---I tried 3-4 different colored inks before I hit on the right shade! Lol!)

I only have probably two more treat bag variations to create-and then buy the candy to fill them (we won't discuss what happened to the first bag I bought!)

I want to close by asking for thoughts and prayers for one of our fellow stampers/scrapbookers named Julie. She is one of our "groupies" and a delightful, talented lady. After a long battle and a number of procedures, Julie's husband, Roger, lost his battle with cancer earlier today. If you've walked this path as Theresa, MC and I all have, you know what this "sister" is going through. She is a believer and knows that he is no longer suffering--but the sense of loss is still strong and will be for sometime. Prayers for her as she begins to grieve and, ultimately, heal to the degree any of us can from such a loss.

Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Happy Halloween stamp by Inkadinkadoo (ink used on image by Colorbox); Martha Stewart "Goo" punch; Moon-SU Circle punch (1 3/4" I think!); Swirl on moon: image by Rhonda Farrer, Sunflower ink by CTMH,; Cat on Broom image (cut out) -Canadian Maple Collections; Clear embossing powder-Stampendous; Black and white paper-mfms (misc. from my stash)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Makin' a list...

No, not a Christmas list...but a "to do" list...! I seem to have soooo many things going on at once I can't settle down to focus on any one of them..and, like Amazing Mae (http://www.amazingmae.blogspot.com/), I, too need to clean the craft room floor (I did make a deal with my goddaughter that if she comes and helps me organize my paper I would pay her $5 and there was ice cream involved. She e-mailed back that yes, she would love to come, it interested her but she didn't know why-lol. I think the ice cream was the deal cincher!) Anyway-so I am making a list of what I need to get done and maybe then I can get some order to things, projects finished and photos posted-as soon as I replace the camera battery that broke yesterday. It was one of those days...
So...be on the look-out for more treat bag ideas, catnip fish for Holly Days, some placecards for Thanksgiving, gift card holders for Christmas...and anything else I dream up in the inbetween.
Right now, its time for a coffee refill, a load of laundry, a bit of computer work that has to do with the treat bags. Tonight two of our sons and one wife are coming to spend the week-end...all the more reason to get organized now!
We have a great writing spider on the side of our house as you come up the steps. I was attempting to photograph him yesterday (our own live halloween decorations!) when the camera battery broke...) but I found a pic on the web to share... they are big, black and yellow, and weave a zig-zag pattern in their web. Not particularly fond of spiders but these guys and gals are really kinda pretty (I can hear Theresa shrilling from here!) and what they weave is amazing! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, September 12, 2009


So yesterday...I had to go and get some candy just so I could do the photos of my treat bags---and I've been thinking about that today as I've just had to munch on some while I was going about my chores--it kept calling to me --what can I say?! Anyway-one bag was a mini chocolate bar mix and who doesn't like chocolate?! The other bag was also a mix--but it has bubble gum (which one with crowns, etc. doesn't dare eat!), Now or Laters (chewy/fruity), Tootsie Rolls (chocolaty again and chewy)--most of which is ok--but there are some hard things in there like small Jaw Breakers, etc. that I got to thinking would be real easy for little people to choke on! They don't know about not biting down on hard candy (that it often won't "chew") and I could see a wee person swallowing it in frustration and getting it stuck. I'd like to think that, like me, eating any candy gotten was absolutely forbidden until we got home, Mom checked it and watched us.
So---just give some thought to what you decide to give those princesses', ghosts and goblins. Help keep it safe and fun! And you don't have to give out candy---think about small bottles of bubbles, stickers, small washable tattoos---go to Oriental Trading Co. for some inexpensive "other-than-candy" ideas. Maybe I am just being paranoid but...better safe than sorry! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Friday, September 11, 2009

No "tricks" here...

at least not bad ones! Lol. I had invited a couple of friends to come over and play with me today. Sadly, one was busy getting orders ready (good for her, bad for me!) and the other was out of town. So I had to play "all my byself" as my little brother used to say. When I was little, I loved halloween. We lived up north and the color of the leaves not to mention the smell of them burning in a bon fire, the crisp apples, the pretty pumpkins, the cool (ok, sometimes downright cold!weather....I loved fall...I loved Halloween. I've been Raggedy Ann, a princess and one year, don't ask me why, but Benjamin Franklin! Lol--what was I thinking! I was also (for real!) a girl scout and I remember that Halloween also marked the birthday of the founder of Girl Scouts:

On Halloween, a day that many associate with ghosts and spirits of the past, Girl Scouts the world over celebrate the life of their founder, Juliette Gordon Low, who was born October 31, 1860, in Savannah, Georgia

I don't remember Halloween being "tainted" by some of the things it is today---it was an evening of fun-to dress up and pretend, to knock on doors and fill a bag with treats. My mother would also ask if I had seen the witch fly across the moon on her broom-no matter how quickly I looked, much like Santa and his reindeer, I always seemed to miss her.

Ok-so I have rambled long enough. Theresa took my not-so-subtle hint and said yes, I could come to her house this year and pass out candy to the kids! So I have been dreaming about treat bags ever since! You saw most of my shopping spree in last week's post...here's what I created so far:

The stamps are from Inkadinkadoo, the border punch is Martha Stewart's Drippy Goo, the "moon" is simply a Stampin' Up circle...the paper...not too sure--most of it was in my stash...the bags are clear small ziplocks total 3"x5". I did fold over the top-so it has the black and white and "Happy Halloween" on the back as well. The paper...was thin enough that I was able to fold it in half and punch it all at once! I embossed all my stamping with clear embossing powder. Now---how did I get the bat to look "stand out" so well from the moon...well, 3 guesses and the first two don't count! If you know me...you KNOW there are Pop Dots involved...little pieces of them, but Pop Dots nonetheless. I also used another little trick. Even Staz On would not "stay on" the plastic. Boo....and I didn't want little witches and gremlins with black all over their hands. Someone blessed me with a bunch of those old, sticky backed, plastic lift off photo album pages...DO NOT use these for anything of any intrensic value---they are not safe for long-term projects! But...you can use the clear plastic for shaker cards, window cards...and yes, halloween treat bags! I cut the plastic just a tad smaller than the bag, glued the moon to it, and slipped it inside with the treat. The bat...was then Pop-Dotted to the outside of the bag--hence the extra dimension! ; ) I cannot wait to do the spider web and spider this way!!!

Well, I've not put away the last load of laundry or emptied the dishwasher and sink--so I'd better get my wings a fluttering and get it done before my husband comes home to make supper (yes, thank God, he cooks!) Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Way too cute!

Ok-so I may as well just sign my paychecks over to Mo's Digital Pencil, Too! I started following her blog and ohmygosh----the BIRTHDAY HAMSTER...is WAY TOO CUTE! Cupcakes, for whatever reason, have been a big theme in the stamping and scrapping world this year and I've gotta tell you--there is one cartoon-y looking one out there that is seems everyone is using...and well, I just despise it! It looks stupid and grates on my nerves more than I can say and I can't seem to get away from it--it pops up everywhere! But Mo's cupcake...well, you just WANT to eat and that is exactly what the cute plump little hamster is doing-in fact, his cheeks are FULL of cupcake. Oh, I can just see this card now-layered, with whatever that fluffy stuff is you use to give dimension for icing, with sprinkles, and two or three candles (yeah, I would use ribbon and glue real ones on with a bow or ribbon sitting by...) How cute would that be...I feel a class coming on...look out, Mary Cobb! You'll have to go to Digital Stamps, Too to see it-I've not bought it-yet!
On another note...I was playing in the craft room last night...and couldn't find a stamp I had just had in my hand...kept looking around and discovered it ink-side up on the floor. Picked it up and didn't think another thing about it. Until now...sitting cross-legged in my desk chair and thought "what is this ORANGE stuff all over my foot?" Um, did I mention the stamp was of... pumpkins!And yes, it stamped nicely in orange Colorbox ink on the bottom of my foot! Lol. Better be careful where I am sitting! : O
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three Clovers Designs: Blog Yummies!

Three Clovers Designs: Blog Yummies! Check out this site for some GREAT TREATS--no tricks-just leave a comment about your favorite halloween related thing...IF you can pick just one! lol! Good luck my little pretties. I will turn you into frogs if you don't let me win!!! (just kidding!) Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Monday, September 7, 2009

I can't wait...I just can't wait...

Ok---so I will blow part of the surprise...but she will still have her present to open! Yesterday was my good friend THERESA's birthday--so happy belated! To say I have a hard time doing cards for her is an understatement! She does such beautiful work and has such wonderful ideas I often feel intimidated trying to make something for her. I wanted to use one of the new digital images I got from Mo's Digital Stamps (see the fairy?!). We are both new to the idea of digital stamps and I fell in love with the fairy! I can hear it now..."What's a digital stamp? You taught me about wood stamps, mounted stamps, unmounted stamps, clear stamps---now there's something else I need to learn about and buy?!" YES!!! Digital stamps...are images --just like a stamped image. You buy the image. It downloads to your computer. You then open the image and can print it any size you want, on any paper you want, however many times you want. It's really cool! The only thing you can't do with a digital stamp as opposed to a "real" stamp....is emboss it. But that's not quite true, either. There are embossing pens that would enable you to go over the image and then add your powder and emboss. So, with that said, there really isn' a whole lot of difference. Outline color maybe...I am not sure you can change that...but its worth it. I stamp (outline) stamps in black 95% of the time anyway!
But I digress...back to Theresa's card...This is called a "stairstep" card and the base is made from one sheet of paper that is scored in various places to make it fold like stairsteps, with each step being a little higher than the one in front of it. Designs, sentiments and images can be layered on each step. The card then "collapses" to fit into the envelope and then opens back out like a set of stairs for display. I like it. It is a fast and easy card---and yet looks complicated! And I just love Mo's ---let's say "pleasantly
plump" fairy! She has red hair and sparkly popped up wings! Of course that's MY version of Mo's fairy---your's can be whatever your heart desires! ; )
Take some time to check out Mo's Digital Stamps---
she has some really, really cute designs! I love "soaking up the joy", Tabia with her bubbles, Patrick in the pumpkins and ohmygosh, Stepsisters is just too, too funny! Don't get me started on hte Christmas ones!!! I've bought several already, and I am sure I
will be buying and using more. Today she posted Wynken,Blynken and Nod---one of my favorite childhood stories...hmmm...I feel an altered book coming on!!! Well, it's (another) rainy day here and I need to make some curtains so I think its time to hit the sewing machine---or maybe see of Theresa wants to play with halloween stamps today and cook up some boil and trouble! Whatever YOU do, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We're Wilmington SURVIVORS!

We made it-we SURVIVED it--we're not statistics!!! I think Theresa and I at least deserve t-shirts that say "We survived" - or something! I picked her up yesterday (Friday of Labor Day week-end) so we could go and shop our usual Wilmington craft haunts. That usually entails a stop at AC Moore, Wendy's for lunch, Michaels and home. Occasionally, we add a stop at Joann's after Wendy's which is what we did yesterday. Armed with coupons, we set out. The trip in wasn't too eventful-traffic wasn't even too bad going in. But once we hit town--it turned downright FRIGHTFUL my friends. Traffic was still light---but the crazies were out. We had three close calls with people who were paying absolutely no attention to the cars around them and just proceeded to pull out and around as they felt the whim to do so. I have never been so thankful that I learned to drive in (one of) the big cities (Orlando) in all my life. One lady had a front license plate on her car that said something like "Deranged". She was, trust me!!! I stopped counting the number of people who came flying up behind us on our bumper, almost into the back seat and zipping around us. We had a great time---but I think we were both glad to have that adventure over. I've got to mention also--the lady that had at least 2 cart-widths between Theresa and I but yet expected us to move because we were standing there talking and she wanted to go by! Things like that, all day long. I was jinxed with check-out clerks taking forever, not having what they needed, worrying about co-workers schedules....It was, as I said, downright FRIGHTFUL!

So much for my venting! We DID have fun despite it all-we always do. And we found some great bargains-Theresa even got her first Christmas present bought--and on sale! Her little niece is going to be a VERY happy little scrapbooker! ; ) I splurged and got not one but two Inkadinkado stamp sets! The bat and spider paper is too cute (they are embossed!), and the green glitter glue for $ 1--well, the little boys will probably really like that emblellishment! Ewwww.
I loved halloween when I was growing up-back when....it was safe to do so, it didn't nearly the number of negative connotations it does now-it was just kids dressing up and getting candy. Sadly, we don't have ANY trick-or-treaters where we live so either my goddaugther's class is going to be very happy with me or maybe Theresa will invite me to her house to pass out candy and see the kids and they have a neighborhood full of them! At any rate...stay tuned for some neat projects from the "stuff" we scored yesterday and gee, we didn't even have to dress up! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Friday, September 4, 2009

Can you Guess....?

TGIF!!! Whew. Last week and this one were killers for me--so I am VERY GLAD to have a 3-day week-end coming up! With today's post...I am going to totally ruin Julie's surprise-but maybe she will be too busy taking care of her husband, Roger (undergoing cell transplant at Duke-thoughts and prayers for them, please...) and thinking about their new granddaughter---congratulations! Ahh...what a blessing! Anyway---I made this last week-end, got it in the mail to her yesterday. Here's the first two pictures...
Can you guess what it might be? Well, I don't think Julie was able to pack a lot of crafting supplies to take with her---and they will be gone at least 3 months...and I know I couldn't be without papercrafting stuff that long...and I knew she would be back and forth between their apartment, waiting rooms, hospital room...who knows where...so...I made her a small scrapbooking bag with the minimum essentials (scissors, glue sticks, ruler, bone folder a/k/a popsickle stick!), pencils, ATC paper, playing cards...) so she could at least sit and make ATC's. What? You don't know what ATC's are? ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards. They are no bigger than a playing card (whatever that measurement is-it escapes me!)--and are miniture collaged pieces of art. You do not sell ATC's-you trade them-just as their name suggests. You can us just about anything on them--as long as...they will fit into a small envelope or the plastic sleeves that baseball trading cards are stored in. You should put your name, address, and e-mail address on the back of ATC's so you will be identified as the artist. And there's another little fact you should know about ATC's---they are ADDICTING!!! They are so quick and fun to make...you can't stop! I use playing cards as my base and just layer my papers, etc. on one side, apply paper with my stamped info on the back--the (playing) card is covered and done. Missed the good morning lighting, and shot these pics through the plastic page folders, but here's some of my ATC's...
So---you get the idea--you take a pic from here, snip a word from there, add an embelly...and you have an ATC! Go try it. Think of how much fun she can have with all those old, outdated magazines in the waiting room-what better use! SHhhh---you didn't hear me say that! Enjoy, Julie. Thinking of you! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon