Friday, September 30, 2011

Freaky Friday...

I waved the magic wand and whipped up these treats
for Gouls and Goblins...

these are the samples to go to the office
with hubby
to take orders.
The cards are still on the back burner bubbling and boiling
I got into some other toil and trouble today
a wee bit of cleaning
a lot more crafting...
Here's a sneak peak of the next groupie page

Miss Maren and I will be working hard tonight
on the pieces and parts.
Time to get to it...
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wishes for Wednesday...

One of the nice things about being a
Close to My Heart Consultant
is that we have Bulletin Boards...
Business Board
Gathering Board
Art Board
and several others.
On the gathering board
we can share just about anything--
there are often questions about the best vacation spot
vacuum cleaner...
and prayer requests.
This week, after I had just finished pricing some things
to go to a scrapbook store for a "yard sale",
I came across a post that asked for prayers
for her downline
who had just lost everything to a fire.
Could we please send a card to cheer and encourage her...?
The wheels started turning...
I sent a post back asking if
could we do more than that...
could we possibly send an extra stamp set
a spare stamp pad...whatever
This gal lost it all
and there are a lot of other things
that would need to be replaced
before craft supplies.
I know that during stressful times in my life,
stamping and scrapping saved my sanity.
The "go between" gave the go-ahead
so today I will be blessing this sister
with some paper and envelopes,
two stamp sets, a stamp pad, an acrylic block
and a glue stick.
Not completely new
but in the Flylady spirit
I am blessing someone else with my "extras" (aka clutter to me!).
This is the card I made to go with it...
More of the "Wings" retired paper
Thankfully, I have a pretty good stash!
The sentiment is a favorite...
I am not sure the company is even still in business
it's Endless Creations, Inc.
but it's my "go-to" sentiment for times like this...
Kind words to comfort you
peace to quiet you
care to encourage you
one day at a time...
It's put together using a "pop-up" box--
just make a 5 sided panel,
glue one side together to form a box-shape
glue two sides down to the fold in your card
then attach the "flaps" alternating sides.

I wanted to write a message
but didn't want to mess up the clean look
of the inside of the card...what to do?
Well, you pull out your Stampin' Up "slitty punch"
it makes that little half-circle slit...
grab the mini card that has been sitting on the worktable
since you first got & played with the CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge
add a white lining
and presto-instant removable card to write a message in!
Hides my handwriting
and adds a little color to the inside.
The dragonfly (gotta have a dragonfly!)
fits right in with the butterflies.
I hope this package will bring a little smile
to my stamping sister's face...
My day is jam packed with gotta-get-done's
kinda tired just thinking about it!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday musings...

It was a busy, busy week-end for me!
Friday I spent getting some things ready
(including my "stock")
for a morning craft show on Sat.
I got up before daylight
and headed out to our electric company's annual membership meeting
and set up for a 3-hr. craft show.
It was a fun time
and even though it meant an early morning
and it threatened rain
I did quite well and was pleased.
Here's a peek at part of my table...
.My "helper" (aka my goddaughter, Maren)
and her friend
had their own table next to me.
(Mom is helping get set up!)
They did quite well...
When I got home and got unloaded around lunch time
Hubby said he was going over to Southport
for the 2nd annual Wooden Boat Show
and asked if I wanted to tag along.
I said "sure"...
Here's some of what we saw...

There were beautiful "museum" quality wooden boats
as well as some that were working/pleasure boats
He thought about entering his
but didn't...there's always next year!
One of the neatest things was they had a
booth for kids
to build their own little model boat
and then a "pool" for them to sail them in
complete with a portable fan for wind!
Our local hardware store
(the one I always get in trouble in--that's another story!)
donated the kits and supplies...
and it was a FREE thing for the kiddos.
They were so cute sailing their boats
and I do have a picture or two
but I hesitate to post pics of strangers
particularly kids without their permission.
Trust me-their smiles were precious
and yes, one young man was determined to get wet-and did! lol!
The aquarium also had a booth
as they do a program that brings the aquarium to your school/event!
It was really neat to see fish tanks of the smaller aquatic life-
crabs and starfish among other things.
It was a nice little show and I look forward to participating next year!
We came home, spent some quiet time
had dinner and watched a movie.
Sunday was church
and then after my usual blog-hopping
I tackled what I call my "stock closet".
All that stuff from Sat. had to be put away
and my closet well, let's just say it needed some SERIOUS
attention from FLYLADY!
And--I did it!
All my stock is neatly organized in their plastic bins
labeled and ready to go.
I could actually walk out the door today
and do the next craft show!
As a treat, we went to see
(click to see the trailer!)
My first "3-D" movie ever!
And it's based on a true story
that happened not far from where I lived in FL!
Hollywood comes out with some
well, not so nice stuff for the most part
but this year we've been blessed between
Good, clean family oriented movies-
both true stories as well.
We had Thai for supper and then read before bed.
Today...I am tired!
But it's a good tired!
It was a fun-packed week-end
and I even managed some flylady time in there
that was fun as well.
"Ms. Dolly" (female cat that lives in that room)
had a blast helping me out!
She loves to clean--she would check things out-
follow me around-sniff the broom as it went by...

I need to go get ready for my real job-
and do some scrapbooking on the computer-
it's newsletter week at the church.
Whatever you do today, until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Calendar days...

So once I got untangled from the ribbon---
here's what I came up with...
I made about a dozen to take to the craft show on Saturday.
They are small desk calendars--
you just change the month by unclipping the
binder clip behind the butterfly
and slipping the next month on the front.
The "extra" white space at the top
gives you some room to jot appointment notes
or special dates you don't want to forget.
my next question is---
how much?
Would appreciate any input!
Thinking these are great little
coworker/teacher/drop-in gifts...
The paper is retired Close to My Heart Wings
(one of the best they had--so sad it's gone)
and the butterfly is cut out with the new CTMH
Art Philosophy cartridge-
how cool is that?!
Since I want to keep these "reasonably priced"
I did not...glitter the butterfly, stamp layers or
emboss them...all things I would normally do---
but again, time = $...
and this is the keep it simple but cute and mass produce
version! ; )
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

If our groupies could see me now...!

There are a few members
of our "groupies"
that really believe
nothing--absolutely nothing
 goes wrong
for Theresa and I
in the crafting realm.
Boy, do we have them fooled!
A few days ago
I posted the link to
I finally decided to work on a few things
for the craft show on Sat.
(nothing like last minute!)
and I needed bows.
I will try the double bow.
I grabbed my ribbon & scissors
and headed to the computer.
Found the video and let her rip.
I tried-I really did.
I had my fingers so tangled up in the ribbon...
I couldn't get them out!
I could hear it now---
"911. What is your emergency?"
Ah---I am tied up...
"Tied up?"
"Ma'am--are you alone?"
Uh, yes-well, not if you count 4 cats...
"Excuse me?"
You see, I tried this double bow tutorial
and it went wrong. Very very wrong...

You see,
I can tie "Sharon Knots"
really really well!
They don't resemble anything in the "known-knot" world or handbook
but one thing for sure-
a Sharon knot will never ever let go!
And I had a few more knots than bows--
and they weren't letting go!
Thank God for scissors!
I then went and got my bow maker
put it on it's side and used it's "posts" as fingers.
Three more tries. No go bows.
Put it to full screen viewing and, after another three times around
ah-ha! Lightbulb!
I was trying to put the last bit through the wrong way.
I now have-

(the step I was doing wrong was between the toppicture and this one-
that piece of ribbon in my hand
goes around and behind that piece that looks like " \ "
that my index finger is touching
(I can't hold the camera
and the ribbon and...well, and the cats aren't
much help either!)

Double Bows!
They aren't as pretty as Jak's--
but practice makes perfect.
I think I will wait until hubby comes home-
just in case!
Until next time, happy stamping, scrapping-and bow-making!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Takes for Tuesday...

Am going to try and do this quickly
as there are dark, stormy clouds outside
the smell of rain is in the air
and thunder rumbling in the distance...
an oh-so-SPOOKY setting
for what I've been up to...
Here's a sneak peek at what I worked on yesterday-
something I saw last year...that I want to do this year
and needed to make the prototype so I could figure it out
and tweak it to my liking!
I used the Fright Night CTMH set on page 68 of the catalog
and the retired Around the Block set.


is Poppa Cat.
Behind him, to the left, next to the stamp pads, you see a jar.
It says "CAT TREATS"...


now I wonder how that jar that was sitting up
ended up on it's side about to roll off the table?!
Magic maybe? A "crafty" kitty more likely!
I was getting ready for work when I heard this rattling sound...
when I peeked around the corner
he was batting at the jar!
Momma had put it up earlier (after he got treats, of course!)
and he pawed at it wanting more.
I said no.
I think he's thinking "Humph!  If I only had a thumb!"

And this was this morning's project...

The witches broom treat bags!
I used the CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge
to cut the circle card--easy peasy!
Just tied it on with some green and orange ribbon

and it's good to go!
The itty bitty bags didn't work as I had hoped-
you really have to have the lunch bag with the flat bottom.
I figured instead of candy
(which would cost a small fortune to fill it up!)
I will use popcorn balls or even small snack size bags of chips
(I cheated for my demo-I just stuck a grocery bag in there!)
I think a pretzel stick would make a cute "broomstick", too!
Usually I have to chase this guy out of my photo shoots-
the ONE TIME I WANT a BLACK CAT in the middle...
he could care less...looks it, too!

Then of course "brother" had to check it out as well...

Bad Cat was close by but not really interested.
Hubby came home, saw my project and knew exactly what it was--
so that was a GOOD THING!

Since I have been doing the FLYLADY thing faithfully
I have had lots of extra time to play in the craft room-
and I gotta confess-I really, really like it!
Now-I am off to use my flylady broom  dustmop
and do some "house blessing" before I go get crafty again!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Something Simple for Sunday...

Just wanted to do a quick little something
since it's Sunday and, after worship,
one should take some time
to play!
(and yeah, it's the Flylady way, too!)

So this is what I whipped up...

I used some retired "Olivia"  Close to My Heart papers that I had on hand
and the Fright Night stamp set (p. 68 of the catalog-only $9.95!)
along with some purple and green ribbons from AC Moore

Is this "baby" one not adorable?!
Believe it or not it holds 20 (regular size!) M&M's!
(yeah, I counted-they were good, too! ; )
Either one would make cute party favors--
or even place cards!
Think buttermints or nuts for Thanksgiving or Christmas
(with coordinating papers, stamps & ribbons of course!)
and a little tag attached with the person's name!
Now I can't take credit for this idea-
I found it here
on Angie's site.
I did change things up a bit, however--
When you go to score the diagonal score
on the four corners of your paper,
simply line your paper up on your Score pal
on the diagonal-(think diamond ; ) )
with the top and bottom points
lined up with a score line
and simply score from the outer  point in toward/to the first score line
She also closed her baskets with a binder ring
and that's nice but not necessary.
I simply threaded ribbon through
and tied a bow.
Raffia would be pretty, too!
The "baby" basket is only 3x3" square
scored on the 1" line all the way around.
Use the smallest hole on your Crop-A-Dile
and be gentle when putting your ribbon through
and tying it off as it's close to the edges
and would be easy to tear...
I think now it might be time for a nap!
Got some other things to do today
but a nap sounds good right about now!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

TGIF--a day late!

Good Sat. morning!
I spent yesterday doing that Flylady thing--
"Mt. Washmore" has been scaled
the house has been "blessed"
(more on that in a minute...)
and I worked on emptying out some more of those boxes
that came out of the craft room.
I woke up hurting
so two Aleve and a cup of coffee
and here I am.
I did go play in the craft room last night
(and the worktable is 15 minutes worth of messy!)
I don't like what I came up with.
I tried the Splitcoast Stampers
wiper card
which is real easy to do.
I saw it earlier this week
and then came across the instructions yesterday
while I was cleaning.
I just didn't like the saying I chose
and the final piece.
Happens sometimes!
Oh well.
I will share this---
which is something else I want to try
and, who knows-
maybe I will try again and combine the two!
Tomorrow, Scarlett.
Theresa and I are going shopping today.
On the "home blessing" thing...
That's Flylady's term for cleaning a room
doing a weekly routine
An 8-year old decided to help her
out-of-town Mom out and do her routines for her while she was gone...
She saw "Bless bedroom", "Bless dining room", etc.
in her mother's control journal
and she told her mom that the home blessing
was really easy-
she went into the bedroom
and prayed.
The next day, she went into the dining room
and prayed...
the Mom wrote that she wondered
what she prayed for
in the bathroom!
Bless her little heart!
Even kids can fly!
Time for a coffee cup refill
and the rest of my blog hopping.
Whatever you do today,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Smilin....Disney style!

 This  is what we were all doing when we finished making Theresa's layouts last night at our Groupie meeting! She did an AWESOME job designing these pages and then giving us a quick CRICUT 101 course!

I love the colors and the layered Mickey is just too cute!  I am not sure what photos I am going to add just yet (I grew up around Mickey country and we visited Disney so much when family and friends would come to visit we were like "We have to go to Disney--again?!"  Well, almost that bad! Lol.) I may use some from my past Disney days-or more recent ones of my goddaughter's trip...just not sure yet. 

Here's a peek at the rest of the layout...

If you don't already follow her blog
to find her page.
I really appreciate all the time and effort she puts in to our group--
it wouldn't be nearly as fun without her!
I thought I was going to head to my craft room
to finish up the layouts for our next class
but I'm not feeling so hot again
so I may just chill this afternoon instead.
Thought I was over whatever it was...
maybe not so much?
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Monday, September 12, 2011

MIA-Momma takes a sick day....

not sure what it was...
but it wasn't fun!
I did not feel well at all this morning
and decided to call off Monday
and call in sick
for me!
I had all three cats surrouding me in bed...
(Ms.D would have probably been there, too, if it weren't for the boys!)
and at lunch time,
Poppa Cat decided I needed some extra attention...
he tried napping on my head!
It didn't last long--
having a fur "cap" on in the middle of summer
and being perimenopausal...well!
'nough said!
Not to be outdone,
the baby (aka Inky)
put on quite show tonight chasing his mouse
and when he was done, left it at my feet.
Ahhh. Not the first time he's shared his toys
to cheer Momma up!
tomorrow will be a better day, Scarlett--
as tomorrow night is Groupie Night
and Theresa has a great project up her sleeve.
Praying Wal-Mart will have small Cricut cutting mats
to make my life easier---we shall see!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A nice Sunday surprise...

As we arrived home from church this morning
our out-of-town neighbor was out taking pictures of her flag
and offered to take some pictures of us!
How nice!
Usually I am the one behind the camera--
so it's a real treat to have someone take photos
of both of us.
(Blogger has washed them out-the colors are really very vibrant but somehow in uploading them they are faded looking and even a bit blurry?) 

I really do have shoes on--low heels but heels!
(and with me leaning into my hubby, my skirt looks longer than it is!)
And last but not least,
our four-footed neighbor,

She's a real sweetheart

and I am told that she just got her therapy dog certification
and is waiting on her vest.
Thanks, Mary Ann, for a nice Sunday surprise!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!