Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fair Warning: This WILL NOT be a class!!!

OK---a few words first...yesterday...I was about to loose it between furnace issues, sick cats, etc.-and I really, really needed to get out of the house. We (aka Theresa and I) had planned on going to Scrapbook Addict to check out their closing sale...when we got the e-mail that she was going to be closed Sat.--? Go figure. Why you close on Sat. when everyone is out shopping is beyond me. We won't go there. Theresa needed to stay close to home as they had an evening event they were going to so SHE suggested we try this project. I agreed. Oh boy oh...!!! We both realized before too long that this was not going to be a "quickie" project! It is called a Matchbox Drawer Advent Calendar. It is made from 24 --you guessed it--matchboxes. The lady whose blog Theresa found pictures from said it took her a week to make this! Even though she was hand-cutting each box and "lid", we found out that the Big Shot and Stampin' Up matchbox die only made it minimally faster. I think we spent 2-3 hrs. yesterday just cutting and assembling the matchboxes. Today...I spent 5 solid hours finishing the thing! I am tired-but a good tired!
II also had some technical difficulties along the way. First, I attempted to glue the stacks of drawers together. I quickly realized that was wrong (the drawers wouldn't open!) and attached them instead to the base, the middle layer and then the top. Well, my top didn't look at big as my bottom (don't even GO THERE! lol!), so I tried to quickly pull it off. It didn't work too well. I had used hot glue---lots of it. It was gummy but not set--so when I pulled, it pulled like taffy. My top is terribly cattywhampus but you can only see it if you look at it from the bottom or eye-level up. Sigh. The second problem box is going counter-clockwise instead of clockwise. Opps. And, what I now realize is, if I would have flipped the whole thing over when I had the lid issue--the box would not only look better but would be going in the right direction. All that said-its not too shabby a job for the work that went into it. I used Close to My Heart stamp sets-Bethlehem and Christmas Chatter (with the exception of baby Jesus and the children-not sure who made them--will post that tomorrow. Here's my finished box...

Do you like it? I haven't filled the drawers-yet! But I think I might hint to my husband that they are just the right size to hold a key to a Mini Cooper! I think cream with a black roof would be nice. But then so is yellow...or red---I had a red car once...loved it. Oh can dream!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Friday, November 27, 2009

What a day...

...and what a mess! Gotta's one of those! The kitten (aka Inky), has stressed himself sick (Brook has been out of town and he's missing his "Poppa" coupled with the fact that I left yesterday afternoon/evening...) So he's in sick bay. I also woke to a cold heat. Not sure...if its the heat pump or we're out of gas...sigh. I've worked all day in the craft room---and you certainly cannot tell! Actually, part of this is under my worktable and will be covered with the skirt when I decide whether I am going to "make do" with the old one or treat myself to new! I've put away all the odds and ends, org'd a lot of what was already there--now its down to sorting paper --gasp!--and stickers and embellishments. I even tackled ribbon today! Sigh. So-there are piles of paper everywhere--and Poppa Cat is wondering about the mess I've made. I have spent about 3 hrs. sorting mm, half of it?! Here's the "before" of the shelves-as embarrassing as they are! S0--all this got pulled out of not one but TWO racks--and I've sorted and recategorized. Then I broke out the new SU label set and punch...and silver-embossed the label outline after I put the categories in the computer. I had just enough mini silver brads to make the labels I could think of for now. I attached them to the front of my paper racks with ATG tape-I think as long as I am somewhat gentle in taking out the papers it will be fine. I've also enclosed a close up shot even tho its a tad blurred. Bad Cat...was also supervising the project. I have a cushioned rolling desk chair at the computer in another room-there always seems to be a CAT in it and I end up sitting on the fold-up chair I moved out there because, Goldilocks, there's always a cat in mine!
lol. Anyway-that's it for tonight! Tomorrow, hopefully, there will be ALL the "after" photos!!! One can hope! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Bad Cat...

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Before I was a "crazy cat lady" as my husband calls me, I was a dog person. There are things in my life, past and present, that I am, indeed, thankful for, particularly today. Miss Onyx (left) was my "guardian angel" for 16 1/2 blessed years and I believe keeps on eye on me yet today. And, speaking of today, I want to give a heart-felt THANK YOU not only to my good friend, Theresa, but to her family as well for making me feel more than welcome at their Thanksgiving celebration (Brook choose to celebrate in VA while I opted to stay in NC). Theresa had a wonderfully delicious feast (her pumpkin soup is to die for and her stuffing (yes, I cheated-please pray I don't itch too bad!) was as good as my grandmothers-a VERY high compliment as I consider STUFFING the MAIN COURSE on Thanksgiving (or any meal that it's servced for that matter!)) Lol! Bob kept my wine glass full (but not too!), and Michael graciously escorted me to my seat. TT seemed thrilled to be seated between her mom and I. MaryAnn, John, Jacqueline and Matthew made me feel part of the family as well. I spent my morning reorganizing the craft room so that I will actually be able to find and use the things I buy and have! While I didn't get to share it with my husband, it was, indeed, a wonderful day. Now, I am ready to go curl up with my cats and relax and read until sleep overtakes me. As Martha would say, "It's a good thing!" I AM thankful-and richly blessed! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am PSYCHED....!

Flylady keeps saying "you cannot organize clutter..." -- well, I, like everyone else, have plenty of that---but I also have things like TOOLS...lots and lots of tools... stamps, stamp pads, paper...and the most aggrivating of all (storage wise, anyway)--punches. Plenty of punches (never mind that there are about 8 more on my wish list with Theresa!) Speaking of THeresa-she's in the same boat-how to store punches. Well, she got lucky and at a yard sale Sat. for $ 3 found a nice wire rack to stack and store hers on. Long story short, I am using some of my vacation/holiday time to overhaul the craft room, ceiling to floor, short of painting (I did that last year). And was time to deal with punches. I scoured the thrift stores but no luck. Against my better judgement, I went into Lowes Hardware (always an unpleasant experience--so much so one of our church members had to pray with me at the customer service counter before I completely lost it---another long story). Anyway-so I went to Lowes. They have a large selection of storage things and if you're willing to think outside the box...well, the solution may very well be there...and it was! What I found...I was almost postive would not only work but also fit in the space I had deligated. I did, however, consult with Theresa via cell phone. She agreed. I took two.
I just finished installing them. Yes, they fit and not only that, BOTH OF THEM fit on one shelf with a little room left over (that never happens for us!) They were easy peasy to install and they will hold my punches nicely. Only problem is...I want 2-4 more! (Dear Santa...I want it ALL....?!) What, pray tell, did I end up getting? Two SPICE RACK HOLDERS! : ) I was actually hoping they came with all the jars (didn't : ( ) as that would've given me more to store embossing powders, etc. in --but oh well! They work GREAT for the punches! Rubbermaid, $ 17, Lowes. If you find a better deal on the same thing-PLEASE let me know!!! Anyway, this is a good start and with some minor reorganzing a much easier approach. I have found if its organized, I can find it to use it---and, if I set that timer for just 15 minutes, I can usually clean it all back up because it all has a "home". Well, time to do some major sorting and tossing while watching a movie-or two. I will post pics of the finished room in a few days. Yes, it will probably take that long! In the mean time, have a BLESSED Thanksgiving and happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Great Minds Think Alike...

This pretty linen Hollyhock colored album came with my Close To My Heart Consultant Kit...A year ago? If you many times I have taken it out, looked at Maren's photo, the flowers and the "M"---and put it away because the layout just didn't look quite right to'd be aghast! Well, the time has come for my first party and one thing the hostess requested was to see one of the linen albums. Uh-Oh. Now I HAD to get serious! So what did I do...? I pulled it out, along with any and all possiblities for embellishments, took photos and called 1-800-ASK-THERESA! Now mind you I had buttons, crystals, stamp borders--all kinds of stuff...and what did she suggest? The very same thing I had been looking at all this time---just move it to the left! I had been looking at it in the center! Lol. We are not sisters, but we sure think like it! I wish I had her sense of humor, her easy-going attitude...
here I had stressed all that time...and it was right there before my eyes! I did end up adding the little purse and pearls (that, if you notice, are in a figure "8"--her age 'round about the time the this photo was taken as it was close to the time I put in the Flower Fairy appearance!)--and the tickets---well, there was a small, white spot from the original photo right where the "smile" ticket is-I had forgotten, until all was glued securely down of course, that the flowers needed to be in a certain spot to cover it ---I was afraid to try and ink it!---hence the ticket but they are too cute--look as if they came out of her purse as well. The inside...well, let's just say you can't judge a book by it's cover--the inside needs a bit --ok, I'll be honest---A LOT of work-it's empty! But...ya gotta start somewhere!
Well, I have a party to hostess and church to attend first--so I'd better get my butter beans in gear. Have a great day and, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon
All products excwpt purse, pearls, daisy border and 3 buttons-CTMH.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh JOY...

Sharon Burns has been asking for MONTHS---if not YEARS...for Theresa to teach her how to do the squash book. Yesterday---it happened! We gathered at my kitchen table and went to work. Why oh why I didn't think to take out the camera and capture the look of JOY on her face is beyond me. I guess I was just so engrossed in the idea that, while I was really there to help Theresa, I got to make the project, too and hence was playing as well! It was sooo much fun and as you can pretty! The ornament images and cut out are from Stampin' Up (call or e-mail Theresa!)--it's so easy to stamp, emboss and then just punch out the image--no tedious cutting with scissors and trying to get it all even and smooth! The papers she chose were from a designer pack and are oh so pretty as well (did I mention she does
good work?!) We had a great time and
we've decided to revamp our group a little bit. Beginning in January, we will move from afternoon monthly meeting to a crock pot dinner and class in the evening. This schedule seems to work better for most involved. I will be teaching a "push me pull you" book--gotta see it to believe it--but I don't think I will post it on the blog until we do it. The sample is done, however the the gals were "awed" yesterday-maybe even a little intimidated--but I KNOW they can do it! It's one of those that looks much more complicated than it really is! February Theresa will teach again and she has a vintage themed recipe book brewin. One mentioned using it to give to her daughter with family recipes, another said she had recipes in her mother's handwriting she wanted to include. We've also talked about doing some of the Close to My Heart Workshops on the Go (scrapbook pages) as well as the same from Stampin' Up for those that are working on albums and seem to be buying sets of things but saying "someday I will get it done" (not mentioning any names Sharon B!) So there seems to be lots going on. I think our group needs a name. Hmmm..think on that, ladies! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday, Miss Maren...

Ok Friends...since this card took have to suffer through all the (imperfect) pictures!!! The 18th is my goddaughter's 10th birthday (not believing it!) and while I doubt I can EVER top the personal appearance by Flower Fairy Rose of Sharon...complete with wings and "fairy bat" as my husband called it (that's all another story!)...I simply could not pass up these GREAT digital images by Mo Manning --Mo's Digital Pencil (see the link on my sidebar!) They are easy peasy to get (there is a fee, there are also "freebies") can resize the images (unlike stamps!) and use them as often as you'd like! You can read the top frame easier in the second photo--the bottom is a shaker --the birthday hats are confetti...

The inside says: Guess who was busy eating your birthday cake...? Hope he left you a crumb or two! The little hamster is a pop-up, the icing is glittered...and I may, just may...give her the hand-made gift card cupcake I made sometime back with Close to My Heart dollars to spend...then again, I may keep the cupcake and just give her the "moolah"! At any rate---this was fun, albeit time consuming. The effort was worth it! Hope she likes it-and you, too! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


No, no, no---that's NOT what you THINK it is! Lol. Some years ago, there was a picture in one of the Florida newspapers that showed a sign on the door of a shop. It said, and I quote:
"T I RD --- Gone fishing"
The proprietor misspelled "TIRED". And today---I am!
Yesterday afternoon...I spent in the dentist chair--which meant I took "happy pills" that made me sleepy but then was wide-awake most the night...
This afternoon...was spent taking Inky (see photos) to see Dr. Travis & Staff--from which he came home with a clean bill of health (THANK GOD & everyone else!) as he was the "problem kitty/patient for a good while.
Tomorrow... Scarlet, the house must be straightened up...before I let the cleaning lady in the door Thursday (yes, its THAT BAD!!)
The rain...makes the fibro pain worse so as the day has worn on...I am wearing out and getting grumpy! And no crafting in a day...well, you can imagine! : ( (I did...spend Sunday afternoon making my "thank you for your order"gifts...should anyone decide to do so--there's a nice little surprise for you!) Theresa and I are really wanting to grow our scrapbooking/stamping group and classes next year and are brainstorming--no pun intended! There are sure to be all kinds of surprises waiting! My darling husband is going to cook supper so I think I will curl up with some old scrapbooking magazines in the meantime. What's the rest of your week hold? Hoping-until next time-happy stamping and scrapping (time!) Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, November 7, 2009

All in a day's work...

Friday's...are "supposedly" my day off! Yesterday I worked from 8 AM until 8:30 PM with maybe an hour break between lunch and various phone calls! It was all about Christmas tins...big tins, little tins...dividers and was fun for the most part, stressful when the handle decided to fall off the big tin at the same moment I was putting the finishing touches on it...thank God I have a handy husband who thinks he can fix the handle and salvage my treasure. I share those last comments for those who think everything that happens in our (Theresa and my) craft rooms is completely magical and perfect! Oh so not! It was long but fun day.Today I get to clean house! The "craft room" has expanded to the dining room table and is threatening to take over the rest of the house. Got to find some control and clear some clutter!
We've been to several yard sales-found a good treasure that I think will hold my stamp pads nicely for a whole dollar! My kind of bargains! Later it will be a trip to W-M as I am completely out of any kind of adhesive--other than foam tape and glue sticks--one must NEVER run out of foam tape!!! Theresa's laughing-I've gone through the two whole rolls of tape for my ATG gun...can you tell I love it?! Whatever you do, take some time for YOU today and, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, November 5, 2009

DIDJYAKNOW...'s only 49 days, 16 hours and 49 minutes (and counting)...until Christmas? Is YOUR shopping done? Cards? Lol. Well, here's something that might help---or put a little more stress on you. These are my Christmas Countdown Calendars that are headed for delivery to Artistry this afternoon (God-willing!) I finally pulled out the Rubicoil machine I purchased years ago (probably long before the Bind It All's were even dreamed of...and put it to use! This is a great little reminder for those of us who seem to end up doing all of most of the holiday prep work---or for a not-so-subtle reminder to YOUR PERSONAL SANTA that time is running out! Lol. I also made one for my good friend Betsy who is a CPA--with a countdown until tax season is over and I am wondering if I shouldn't have done some with this image on the Christmas Calendars as well...

Enjoy. Today is my work "Friday" so I am looking forward to it. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon
Image of girl w/packages by Sarah Kay; image of woman in chair by Art Impressions; # stamps by Close to my Heart; designer papers-varied and unknown