Saturday, June 30, 2012

Successful Sugery...

I am home.
I am thankful
for doctor, nurses and anesthesiologist
who understand
pain and anxiety.
Surgery went well
(even with a 4 1/2 hr. delayed start...)
and  I  am home.
There was a surprise cyst found
so prayers, please,
for a clean pathology report.
And that I can do
"Down, Sharon"
for a good while...
if they offer you a spinal epidural
with general anesthesia
for a hysterctomy---
take it!
Glad I did!

For now-
time to eat and take more pain meds.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Easy Art Canvas...

After I spent well, maybe 4 hrs. total
working on an art canvas...
I find this in my mailbox...

40% off Select Canvas Photo Enlargements! Open it up

I think I may have spent $ 15...
(but I doubt it...)
mine is 12x12
has lots and lots of handmade accents

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 See--here's mine...

You, too, can do this!
Purchase the blank canvas at
your local craft store-
use those 40-50% off coupons...
Then I inked my canvas with distress ink---
coated the back of my designer paper with Modge Podge
and stuck it down.
Let that dry.
At least 20 minutes.
Then put another coat on top to seal that layer.
Got it?
now add the next layer
and repeat the steps above...
Keep going...
until all layers are adhered.
I interupt this "how to" with a tip...
I distressed one or two of my layers
and wanted that dimension to stay--
so I simply avoided putting Modge Podge on those layers
or edges that I wanted to stick up.
Now take your
PHOTO you had printed
at your favorite photo print place
(I have a Canon printer-prints from my printer
run when the MP hits it---photo shop prints only here...)
and add it the same way you did your papers.
(Yes, the streaks from the brush you use
will show some-so be gentle and careful..
but unless someone takes a flashlight directly to it...
is it REALLY going to matter?!)
Then add all the FUN embellishments...
all those hand-made roses--
the popped up "MEMORIES"
(oh yeah--POP DOTS HERE, baby!)
and the bow!
The Queen of Vintage gave her stamp of approval
(Thanks, Theresa!)
we'll see how the (belated) birthday girl likes it tomorrow--
and hey,
for the cost!

Until next time-
happy stamping and scrapping!

Trying Something New...

by making something old!
I don't typically "do" vintage...
my great friend Theresa does vintage...
quite well...
I wanted to do a wall art piece
and the papers I picked
just screamed
so I went to it.
I inked the canvas, I inked the papers,
I inked the doilies,
I inked my nightgown
(modge podged it, too---!)
and I inked ME!
It was fun--and I am waiting the verdict
from Theresa
on what she thinks...
(I ended up with an even # of roses around the photo...
thinking it might need
a few more in that bottom left corner
to weigh it down some...?)
but here it is..
my first REAL attempt  at VINTAGE...

Whatcha think? it is AFTER I added more roses!
Now I have a group of cream that should be broken up
but--it's DONE!

The papers are by Lost and Found
the roses are made with the Close to My Heart
Art Philosophy cartridge
(I LOVE making roses with this! Super super easy!)
and our CTMH little pearls adorn the center.
The "memories" letters were in my stash
as was the ribbon
distressing ink and lots of Modge Podge!
I am only a month late with this gals
birthday gift--but I think she'll like it.

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What's up with the Queen?!

Where o where I have I been?
Let me think...
I've been moving so fast that that crown
has been spinning
and even seen flying off a few times!

I've been am on
a tremendous healing journey
some life-changing things going on...
which has taken a lot of time and energy
but well worth the investment...

With lots of emotional upheaval
(but good---uprooting, pruning, watering...
all encourages growth...)
not sleeping well
and rain off and on for three weeks...
I was exhausted on all counts
with fibromyaglia raging.
Last Sunday
I stayed in bed.
Almost all day.
SO unlike me!
But my body, brain and spirit
needed it.

Last week was filled
with doctor and hospital pre-op appointments
during which I got a voicemail
from my dear friend Theresa
saying her father had passed away.
She thankfully made it to NY and spent his last
afternoon/evening with him.
Her family flew up later
and I did dog duty.
They live one town over
so lots of traveling back and forth
but she's one of those friends
that has been/will be there no matter what
and dog duty was the least I could do.
I had the pleasure a year or so ago
to have had a long conversation with this gentle-man
and, even though I didn't know him well,
I see a lot of him in my friend
and I will truly miss him.

This week
will be busy as I wrap up things at work and home
in preparation for my surgery
on Friday.

Not much time for crafting
and I tried making a photo montage
of our baby Martins
but that's not cooperating either.
Just tried uploading photos
and Blogger isn't playing nice.

tomorrow, Scarlett.
I am learning
to take things as they come
one day at a time--or slower...
it will work when the time is right
and I have the energy to give it.

This afternoon hubby and I may go hear the Marine band
play at the waterfront in Southport.
It's the only 4th of July festivities I will probably
get to participate in this year.
That's ok, too.

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ok---so who has seen...

I got lucky the last time
I asked my followers
to help me find something I'd lost...
I am hoping the same thing will happen
again today!

This time
I am in search of...
no, not Waldo---lol.

I saw
a small tote bag
made with Stampin' Up
fabric ruffles--
the tote bag
had 3-4 rows of ruffled fabric on it...
it was priced around $ 25....
It was tote--ally (couldn't resist!) adorable!

Have you seen it?
Can you tell me where?
I would love to find it!
I have books to take
to meetings I attend
and this little bag
would be perfect...
so---if you can point me to it
I would be most appreciative.
It was (I think) on a Stampin' Up demonstrator's
but there's soooo many blogs I follow...
it's like a needle in a haystack...
needle-ruffles-fabric---pins--I mean PUNS
seem to be running rampant this morning--
maybe keeping you in stitches..?! ; )

Off to do some cleaning today
so I can rest tomorrow...
Groupies are coming
Tuesday night
and Theresa is I get to play
(well, after I do my hostess thing...!)
It's a warm, sunny breezy day
here at the beach...
hibiscus are gracing almost every vase
I have and are sprinkled throughout the house...
more on that topic...
tomorrow, Scarlett!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Did you think...

I had ridden away?!
Been a busy busy week.
But a good one.
Cannot believe how fast it flew by!

I did take time last Sunday evening
to try a version of the card from Lisa's blog---
my white ink
didn't show up well on the kraft paper cardstock
so I improvised....
and, surprisingly,
yes, Theresa-there's not the FIRST POP DOT
on the finished card!
I pulled out some doilies I had,
some CTMH inks and a sponge dauber.
The stamped thank you is Inkadinkado
and the border on the enve is from a now-retired
CTMH set...

I thought it needed a little something
but ribbon, ric rac and bows overwhelmed it
and I wanted to keep the simplicity of it...
along with that clean look...

so I just added 3 of the CTMH Itty Bitty Sparkles.
These are a great deal--100 for $ 2.95!
And they have their own sticky on the back! ; )

Can't help but post cat pics as well--
Here's my INKADINKADO (aka Inky aka  The Baby...)

There was a mocking bird on the front deck--
note the laid-back ears and the tail action!

After Bad Cat's trip to the vet
the first of last week-not knowing if we needed a recheck
I left the carrier downstairs (instead of carting it back up to the attic...)
he decided he liked the "little house"...

just don't try closing that door! lol!
Over the week-end
I will post the photos
of what happened
when we turned our back on the
leftover chicken last night...
Some days he lives up to his name!
That BAD cat!

Poppa Cat
has obviously learned the rug-bunching up trick
from Bad Cat...

he tried to run away from the scene of the crime
but sometimes Momma is faster with the photos!

Theresa posted TT's room reveal here...
so I was finally able to give her the
skull wall art decals along with the skull mirror
that needed a hair bow since the pattern in her bedding
has skulls with pink hair bows!
This came earlier this week
and all of the above was delivered on Tuesday afternoon

 when she's not wearing or using the bow---
it will clip right on the mirror!
She told her Mom she wants the mirror
on the front of her door! WOW!
Guess I made a good choice!

Today I get to stamp and craft at work---
trying to dress up some
Scholarship Award Certificates-
going to involve some gold embossing powder
a Celtic cross stamp
and a Score Pal...
yep, I get paid to do things like this!
Thank ya Jesus!!!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Counting my blessings...

and a sermon for Sunday...
this is a long post...
I pray that,
 if you bear with me,
that it will be worth it--
for you-or someone you know
who might need to hear it...

First and foremost,
for your comment
and sending me to the missing card!!!
It's on Lisa Stenz' blog
I just thought they are so pretty--
simple and clean
even if doesn't have any pop dots!!!
So that was a very nice
unexpected blessing
to start my day off!

On another note---
but even along the same lines...
I gotta say that
Yes, people,
miracles do still happen
and God still answers prayers!


Many moons ago...
I lost my first husband
to lung cancer and emphysema.
Shortly after that,
during a visit with my pastor,
something he said
popped the top of a HUGE can of worms...
and memories of having been sexually abused as a child
came spewing out.
The next 7 months
were a real rollercoaster for me.
There were flashbacks, body memories, nightmares.
I was scared to death.
I had absolutely no clue
who to turn to--
so I did what I normally do--
after I've tried to fix it myself--
usually unsuccessfully--
and I asked God.
And he sent me back to my pastor
who told me
 he had no prior experience
with dealing with this sort of thing
and, given the issue, maybe I needed another woman to work with.
I was insistent that God had told me to take it to him
and he said
he was willing to do what he could.
I distinctly remember
the day I purchased not one but two copies of
The book seemed HUGE.
I handed my pastor his copy and,
with lots of fear and tears, said,
"My God--I am really sick!"
He said it was ok...
we would deal with it.
And we did.
In seven -what now seems short
but at the time  seemed like an eternity--months
I delt with what most women whose stories I read
took years upon years to deal with.
It was fast, furious and, yes--
to see how God was bringing healing
into my life.
I had an awesome support system.
I learned of a couple other women close to me
that had gone through the same thing.
At the time
I couldn't figure out
why things had broken lose when they did.
I should be dealing with the loss of my husband...
but yet
here I was dealing with a very different loss...
but a loss and death--nonetheless...
Why hadn't a counselor picked up on it years ago...
why hadn't it completely surfaced
when I had inklings of something like this having happened
when I first met my husband?
Why not...why not...

I firmly just hadn't been time earlier.
is a cliche we often hear--
and yet
when what needed to be in place was---
when HE KNEW
(key words here people...when HE KNEW...)
I was ready...
when the angels around me were ready...
He let the process begin.
And not a second sooner

Fast forward
12 years....
I've been struggling and battling with some major issues...
I finally got worn down and out enough
mentally, physically and emotionally--
I had complained, whined, ranted and raged
and had exhausted my entire bag of tricks
that I did what I do best-
I finally took control
(insert belly laugh--I have control issues-
I am a true red-head!)
and  I made a phone call...
and, as a result of the many, many prayers
of those around me---
as a result of that call...
which led to a one hour visit...
during which
was asked...
that once again
popped the top off yet another can of worms
I never had an inkling
was even on the shelf in my cupboard.
It was totally, totally unexpected...
and at the same time the cannoball hit my stomach
I also felt the ton of weight that had been sitting on my shoulders
for months years
Is it going to be a quick easy-fix?
No way!
Is it going to happen overnight?
Is it going to be painless?
Probably not.
Do I know what the picture will look like
after all the pieces are in place?
I clue.

that as long as I let
God take control---and lead the way...
that the healing that will happen
during my journey will be well worth
the pain, the tears, the struggle, the HARD work--
and the HEART WORK
I have to do.
On me.
And me alone.

for those of you that,
after reading something I've posted
uttered a prayer--offered a good thought
that paved the way to this path...
I thank you.
To any of you who choose to do so now
on my behalf,
I thank you.

And, last but not least,
to any of you out there who are struggling
who don't know what to do or who to turn to...
know that
If you will but simply ask--
in His time.
Don't give up.
Keep asking.
And when you get discouraged-
because the answer doesn't come within seconds-
minutes...a day...a week or longer...
don't give up.
Remember He's preparing the way---
He's preparing the people around you...
He's making the necessary travel plans
just for you.
When it begins
just fasten your seat belt
and enjoy the ride!


Until next time
happy stamping and scrapping.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where's the card...

A day or so ago
while I was blog-hopping
I saw a card I liked...
it was plain brown kraft paper
with a white stamped flower
and the name "Jessica" stamped in black.
It was either
a Close to My Heart or Stampin' Up consultant.
She was selling kits
with a name stamp.
I liked it.
And now
I can't find it!
Was it--
one of the countless blogs I follow?
Was it on Juxtapost?
I *thought* I saved the pic
and that's no where to be found!
(I did, however, after much head shaking
a few wordy durds and a ton of
uninstall/reinstalls and restore to's...
get my blog back to normal-
still not sure how...

I digress (that's why I need flylady!)
If you're a follower of my blog-
and I am talking about
YOUR CARD kit---
please tell me!

In the meantime
I will keep looking and hoping
I will come across it sooner or later...

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm confused...

but that's not hard to do!
how does my blog look
out there in blogland?
I keep seeing all the little tool elements
and missing images?
Like my Under the Sea video tutorial
doesn't show up---
(aka the black cat)
at the top right is gone...?
I've had a # of issues
and some things downloaded
that really slooooooowed down
my computer
so I may have messed something up
trying to fix whatever messed up!
And it may just be on my end....?
And see--
I was just THINKING about changing
blog backgrounds---
I never actually DID anything-promise!
I get in trouble just thinking about it!

Any advice, oh techy followers
on how to fix what I am seeing?
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!