Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh, pleeaaa-zzze Martha--can you make it any harder?!

Ok. I have been working today--cleaned 4 rooms, 4 loads of laundry-still have to remake the bed. I was taking a break. I've been through all my "normal" I decided to hop on over to Martha's page. You know-that crazy lady that does everything over the top and has a staff of God only knows how many behind the scenes that actually DOES the work-?!  Anyway---her site.  I clicked on the glittered egg video. I have a lot of her glitters. I splurged one day at Michaels. The only ones I've used were one red and all the clear so thought maybe this would be pretty!  Her "craft guru" was telling how to do polka dot glittered eggs. Ok. So I *THOUGHT* I had that figured out---I mean MY LIGHTBULB went on the minute she said it.  But wait---oh no-if it doesn't take 10 gazillion steps and's not MARTHA...! She says...take a pencil, dip the eraser in white glue. Dot onto egg. Then apply glitter and, I assume-let dry. I quit watching at the dip the pencil eraser in white glue part....Can you make it any harder Martha?! I can see it now. There's wet glue here-and then glitter-turn egg, smudge glue and glitter-now you have streak and smears instead of pretty polka dots...toss egg out. Or throw at computer screen...get new egg.  Repeat process--only now you have second color glitter mixed in with smudges from the first you couldn't get off your hands and face and the glue is leaving cruddy black gluey marks...Give me a break!    Here's my version-not tried it---yet---but tell me this wouldn't work and be 1,000 times easier...
1. Take egg.
2. Apply GLUE DOTS.
3.Sprinkly on glitter.
PRESTO! GLITTERED EGG! DONE!  10 seconds or less-wanna bet? How easy-peasy is that? Get a grip, Martha!  And fix your *awful* punches while you're at it (she must be related to Tim Holtz!)  Let me know if you try her way or my way-and how it works. Me? I gotta get back to cleaning. Sheesh. The woman gave me a headache! Until next time-staying away from Martha-and happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon ps/she had a cute finger puppet bunny Easter card-the rest of them? My goddaughter did better at age 4?!
pss/I would also venture to suggest that, given that they are quite flexible, you could use Close to My Heart rubber stamps to STAMP designs on eggs as well. THAT I might have to try when hubby gets back from the grocery! ; )

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