Saturday, September 22, 2012

Misc. this morning...

I am supposed to be a vendor
at a short craft show this morning...
So not there...
After 4 days of little-to-no sleep
fibro flaring, headache raging
and yesterday the nausea set in...
at which point I had to bite the bullet
and tell my goddaughter I couldn't do it.
I HATE disappointing a 12 year old.
her mom will help her and her friend
and I pray they will sell lots of their things.
Mine is sitting in their storage boxes
on my kitchen table.
I hurt so bad last night
it hurt to hold my novel I was trying to read!
Today is a little better
ahhh--the difference some SLEEP can make!
Please say a prayer or two for this beautiful gal
Her  human brother wrote that
she's having trouble standing this morning...
If you've followed my blog...
you know that
a few years back her elderly owner
decided he could no longer care for her
and was going to have her put down.
My husband and I began a frantic search
to find someone who could take her
(we have 4 inside cats and our home is up on pilings
not good for a senior citizen like Carla...
although she did live with us for week or so!)
A lady from our church came and they fell in love!
Her home was one-level with a huge fenced in yard.
Carla thrived!
It may just be a rough day for her
we've had some cooler weather...
or it may be age catching up with her
both and...
anyway--we covet your prayers
for Carla, her family and our awesome vet!
On Wed. night I happened to peek out our front door
and the sunset was beautiful!
I don't know what I did-
but I accidentally changed settings on my camera...
so this isn't as pretty as it was in person
but here's a glimpse to the right...
and here's a glimpse to the left--
that's the ocean below those clouds...
and inbetween the houses...
This one is from our Widow's Walk...
looking toward Myrtle Beach
And when I went to take the next photos...
I kept seeing these sparkly flashes of light
when the flash would go off..
as you can plainly see in the other photos---
it was NOT SNOWING---
although that's what this looks like...

after the 3rd photo-
I realized what it was---
we have these little tiny bugs we call
A gnat-like insect
and if the wind is laid down---
they SWARM the Widow's Walk-
and that's what the light was catching!
There was another critter I captured as well...

That's the baby (aka INKY) and yes, he's on our roof--
that is 3 stories up!

 I DO NOT like to watch him out there!
It makes me terribly nervous--he loves it tho!

 This pic looks spooky!
The flash reflected off his eyes---
On another note...
Baby Liam is officially HOME!
He left the NICU earlier this week
and is doing well!
Thank you for your prayers for him!
He's my "nephew's" first-born
and had quite a rough start
but is doing fine now.
That's it for me today.
I gotta take it easy---
I may try and label and repack
some of my craft stock
and/or make a couple of cards I need to do--
but I think it's going to me and the bed or couch
or lounge chair on the deck
for the bulk of the day.
Not much choice given how I feel.
Praying the new meds will help
but it's going to take some time...
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Theresa Dagostino Forge said...

those are some awesome photos!

Tamra Pope said...

Awesome photos....I hope you are feeling better.