Saturday, October 13, 2012

No Adhesive Allowed--Take 2

I guess my mojo is coming back!
Two posts in less than 24 hrs!
Today's project is one that I kept saying,
"I need to make that card!"
It was on my "round-to-it list" and never seemed to get it done.
Yesterday was the round-to-it day!
I needed to make a card
but no adhesive of any kind could be used.
It is for a young man who has been given
a sentence of life in prison.
His mother, grandmother and sister
attend our church.
I made  the first card for his birthday
and I received a very nice card and note in return.
I wanted to thank him for that and share a little more with him
so I went to work on this...
Forgive the dark photos--it was after dark last night when
I took these-and yes, I realized after the fact
that that white piece had slipped down...
remember-no adhesive--
so those are layered without glue or tape
and simply tucked behind the insert inside...

which is held in by using the Stampin' Up slitty punch
Not sure what the real name of that little sucker is--
but it is WAY COOL and something I use A LOT!

The insert was cut with the
Close to My Heart Artiste cartridge.
The outer card is made with CTMH Moonlight papers
the inside panel is contraband (aka not CTMH).
It has a little texture to it
and is much so
that I ended up having to use my finger knife
to trim out that "hello" as the Cricut
didn't cut it through--even set on slow
and the deepest setting.
I think the texture had something to do with it
(those little dots are raised up).
When you've been stamping and scrapping
as long as I have
there's not a lot left to challenge you--
but I gotta say-
trying to make something without adhesive-
can be a challenge!
Using corner punches and the slitty punch
is the secret
and I sense a lot more creative challenges
coming up.
Our senior citizen, Bad Cat,
is giving the baby aka Inky
a run for his money this morning!
I've not seen him playing and chasing
anything as much as he is the little guy this morning!
Must be the cooler weather!
So much for my morning cartoons!
I am off to do some flyladying
and work on yet another project--
a THIRD post in less than 48 hours....
hmmm.....not impossible!
We'll see what I can brew up!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Theresa Dagostino Forge said...

good work!! that must be tough!