Saturday, June 29, 2013

(cue music) If it weren't for BAD LUCK I'd have no luck at all...

I have not abandoned my blog.
Here's the "rest of " that story as Paul Harvey would say...

Two weeks ago
I spent Friday morning preparing the guest room
for my stepson and daughter-in-law.
Down to removing, washing, drying, and stuffing
two twin long mattresses
into their dust mite covers
all-my-byself as my baby brother used to say.
since my friend Theresa couldn't go shopping on Sat.
we headed to town
and spent all afternoon/early evening shopping.
Darling Hubby
had a sandwich supper ready for me...
he should have had a double rum drink fixed too
before he told that
the cat
the BAD CAT in fact
had thrown up
all over my open laptop.
It was dead.
My computer guru
got the info off
but the 1- 1 1/2 year old laptop
will have to be replaced.

Then last week-end
DH and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary
at the zoo in Asheboro, NC.
He couldn't get reservations at the Hampton Inn
so he made reservations at
The parking lot
would have been softer to sleep on!
Two paper-thin towels and one washcloth,
toilet paper roll roller missing
so the tp was stuck on the prong for the roller
and the bathroom light had a bare bulb sticking out
which building inspector DH said don't touch no matter what!
and the water in the shower
was a beautiful terracotta color for at least 10 minutes!
But we laughed!
The zoo was AWESOME
and I only took 1,200 pictures.

So this week
was spent catching up from "vacation"
and last night we went for a ride on our tandem bike.
Hubby is in front, I am in the back.
I cannot see around him.
One minute we were pedaling down the road
and the next minute we were toppling toward the pavement.
we had helmets on
as both of us hit our heads pretty hard.
I saw DH head hit and was sure he had broken his neck when I saw it
snap back.
He had more abrasions than I did
but I have plenty of body aches on my entire left side.
So much so
today is a do nothing more than I have to day.

He's sharing his laptop
and I hate the keyboard---
there are spaces inbetween the keys
and my little short fingers don't reach
and the cursor has a mind of it's own
and jumps all over the place.

not posting much until I can replace mine.
And I can recover.
for Provocraft/Cricut to get me a replacement machine
that actually works.
This will only be # 4.
I think I may need to see my attorney friend
to get this straightened out
as I don't seem to be getting anywhere.

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.


Sharli Schaitberger said...

Oh my goodness Sharon! Hugs!!

Pokey Puppy said...

If it's any consolation... you made me laugh! Hope you, your new laptop, Hubby and the cat are all better... And, I love the Asheboro Zoo. Only 1,200 pics? LOL

Lara said...

Funny post, which I know wasn't your intention. But sending cyber hugs!!