Sunday, September 15, 2013

Even tho all I really want to do is this...
or this...

I worked on this instead...

It's not quite finished yet
there is a beautiful bow that needs to be added
like I put on this one:
but I don't have the ribbon yet.
On this one I wanted the center to mimic
the chalkboard effect that is so prevelant
in all the artwork today
so I used some Brilliance white ink
on Close to My Heart cardstock
with several CTMH alphabet stamp sets
and yes, a stamp from a flower set.
you don't see any flowers?

That line--under "are important"
is the stem piece from one of the older flower sets!
Stretched it out and it worked perfectly!!!

I of course had to use pop-dots
so I stamped, cut out and popped up the "YOU"

I HIGHLY SUGGEST the non-sharpened pencils
vs. the sharpened ones!
There were no OWIES in working with the unsharpened pencils
I still have sore spots from handling the first one!
This is going to my best customer's daughter
who is a school counselor.
Hope she enjoys it!
I got a good laugh at myself last night
while hot-glueing 4 1/2 boxes of pencils down
I also managed to hot glue my Corel ware bowl
to the wreath!
I was using as a guide to butt the pencils up against
and it got stuck too! 

The perils and pitfalls!
Until next time,
hope things are better in your world than mine.
This, too, shall pass.
Happy stamping and scrapping.


Stressed Stamper said...

Wow just been through all yr posts Mrs that not seen - you are soooo them all...though sorry could not spot the error on the mint pencils you made or am I thick...

Karen in Texas said...

Your blog is MOST interesting. I love your animated cat. Also where is your fab quote from about Seawater??? I SO feel the same about it. This pencil wreath is so wonderful!

Karen in Texas said...

You blog is SO nice. I love your animated cat. The pencil wreath is great!! Where is the quote about Seawater from?? I feel exactly the same way!!!