Sunday, November 24, 2013

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

Warning: LOTS of photos follow...!
I know-I know-
it's not even THANKSGIVING yet...
and here I am talking about Christmas!
I have good reason.
One of our groupies,
who also happens to be named Sharon
is in charge of decorations
for her golf group's holiday celebration.
Her and her one-other-person committee
A Charlie Brown Christmas.
The other Sharon
decided that the scrawny Christmas tree
with the red decoration
would make great centerpieces.
I said so would Snoopy and the decorated doghouse.
We were off an running!
We hoped to have 4 working on all this-
turns out it was only the two of us...!
This took one long evening
and one Sunday afternoon...
but we are both delighted with the outcome!
we "built" doghouses.
Gift boxes, cardstock-and red wrapping paper
with little brown lines through it.
Then I printed and cut out
Snoopy and Woodstock.
Double-sided, fussy cut!
Thank God for light boxes (that allowed us to line the
two images up pretty darn close)
and Sharpie markers that helped fill in where it wasn't!
TOS (the other Sharon) stamped and put together the infamous
blue ribbon (Close to My Heart stamp set/Cricut cut).
That was the first night!
Then today--
we put the icing on the cake
snow on the roof
and glued on the lights...
bad lighting on the pics-sorry
(shooting with a window with sun shining behind them)
but here they are--
all six centerpieces...

3 have Snoopy and Woodstock on top...

three have Snoopy and Woodstock on the side
complete with maribu on their hats!
(both images were cute and we couldn't decide
so we did both!)

Quilt batting makes excellent "snow"!

Next up were the trees...
flower pots with floral foam--
covered with tin foil and decorated
and of course
the sad looking tree...
my first idea was
taking cheap greenery
and stripping off the most of the green-
not only did this make a HUGE mess-
it stuck to us and everything else.
Scratch that idea.
Coming home from church today--
I spied a pile of branches on the corner-
we went back this afternoon and collected them--
turns out
they were even covered with lichen!--
and presto! We had trees....
and the red ball ornament...?
Its  actually a red golf ball!
We wrapped and hot glued
red and white ribbon around it
and added a hanger!

we then covered the floral foam with more batting
to make it look like snow...
and well, to cover the foam! lol!


the "building inspector"...
is pleased!

The look on Sharon's face---made it all worth it!
I am sooo impressed with us!
On top of all this--
we also made 24 candy bar wrappers
as favors!
We worked our little tails off
but they are HAPPY TAILS indeed!

 And my cat who eats Christmas trees...
came to survey the scene, too!
Don't even think about it, Inky!
Emergency vet run and enemas
are not on my agenda for the rest of today!
Hubby picked up take out on his way home from the movie.
Good thing!
dinner, hot bath and rum drink, here I come!
Yep, it all looks good.
I LOVE Charlie Brown Christmas.
Believe it or not,
back when I was in high school
and took a child day care class where we actually
took care of 4 year olds,
we did the Charlie Brown Christmas play.
I got to be Linus.
Fond memory---
getting to share the gospel --in a school setting!
Too bad that isn't the case today...
Goodnight, Snoopy!
a HUGE thank you for letting me help with this!
I really, really enjoyed it!
We do good work, girlfriend! ; )

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
Bring you Good wishes of happiness.

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