Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Mish-Mash...

Just one of those days where I am in the middle
of any number of things
and really don't feel like doing anything.
I decided to do a little cooking
and tried a new recipe

Found a recipe in a magazine for
Stuffed Pepper Casserole.
The recipe called for Italian sausage
instead of ground meat.
It is good-but I think I would absolutely love it with the ground meat instead.
Go to for the  (original ground meat) recipe.
It makes a lot--and I think it would freeze well, too.
I wasn't sure about the corn, either-but it is actually good.
Then I took a break
did some blog hopping in between sneezing
and I had company as I was curled up in bed

That's Poppa Cat grooming Inky (aka the baby...)

 Two minutes later they were wrestling and fussing with one another!

After my break...I got brave
and ventured into my magic kingdom
No-I won't give you a bigger picture-
the little one looks bad enough!
I have not cleaned in here in forever-it looks it, too!
Have I mentioned...
I HATE dealing with putting paper away?

My hubby built me great shelves-
and I thought it would solve my never-ending paper problem...
I even labeled the shelves...and still have a mess.
Time to tackle it!
I set the timer

Flylady says-you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes...
even clean up paper piles...

I did NOT CHEAT---I stopped when the timer did...
and look how far I got....
Remember the before?
In a mere 15 minutes...
I put the packages of paper where they belonged;
the paper pads where they belonged;
the chipboard back on it's shelf
and managed to sort the pile of paper on the floor
into two stacks:
full pages and a stack of scraps.
I bet in another 15 minutes--
I can sort out the box that's left into those two same piles
and get what's in there on it's appropriate shelves, too.
Another 15--and I can probably get the two stacks done.
I was taking a break (Flylady is a big advocate of taking breaks in between...)
when Theresa (aka my partner in a variety of crimes) called.
She was in the ER last night with heart issues-
we decided it was due to her husband who decided to cook!
She's ok, thank God.
We had a good chat---now it's time to go do those other 15 minutes.
Oh-I found a few gems while I was in there...
I am a member of The Button Farm Club
and I get some awesome kits on a monthly basis
(which I seem to be collecting vs. doing!)
I opened February's kit and found an additional kit inside
as a thank you.
I was a mini album--but a good size one with awesome embellishments.
Their kits are top-notch.  PLENTY of paper and embellishments
of good great quality, too.
The other thing I found when sorting that pile of paper
were these pics of my goddaughter...
I need to scrap these...I love them!
She's since cut that long blond hair-but I love her expression.
And the one next to it--she did in a photoshop program...
I think its interesting and intriguing...
 I am also up to my eyeballs in eggs!
I absolutely LOVE making these!
The flowers are super easy and relaxing for me to do--
and I just love decorating the eggs.
They make a nice little gift--
and I also add a Cricut cut card
so they can be used as place cards.
Getting ready for a spring craft show-
I do hope they sell! I don't want to have to
hang onto them for another year!

Gotta get back to it.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

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