Saturday, September 6, 2014

It's Raining Cats.....Baby Shower!

It really is raining today---
woke up to lots of wind, rain and more rain!
Then my husband came upstairs with a gift bag
that said BABY on it
and told me I had a BABY SHOWER gift.
Me? Baby?
Uh, not possible.
But as I opened the bag he told me
it was a CAT baby shower gift!
Our neighbors sent over
a bag of treats and toy mice for
Sebastian and Stirling.
That's so nice!
I will take pics and post those later
but first I realized that I had not posted the card I made and sent
for other gifts they received....
and I think those pictures are still on my iPhone. Darn!
Anyway-this is the card I made
for Theresa and Theresa (two)...

They came to see the babies a week or so ago and brought them toys
so we sent thank you notes to them.

I cannot take credit for the card template-see
Dawn's Stamping Studio for that.
It is easy-peasy and a (new!) favorite of mine to do.
I am sooo far behind-
my step son's birthday past due,
little Liam's 2nd birthday is today-and I am late for that, too.
Theresa's birthday is today as well---and yep, late again.
I'd better get off my bu----er, blog
and start crafting.
I also got a cat stroller today---
it is AWESOME and will make vet trips so much easier
on Momma....!
More on that, too!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

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Stressed Stamper said...

lovin the little cat doing a hand stand...brilliant card - perfect colour choice
Sarah x