Saturday, October 18, 2014

The good.... the bad....but no ugly

At least I hope not.
I had no idea I hadn't posted in quite sometime.
So let's get the bad out of the way first.

We lost our Bad Cat
(who was misnamed by my husband)
two weeks ago this past Wednesday.
He had a number of health issues
and I suspect
that cancer had taken over
just as it had with Ms. Dolly
(who we lost earlier this year).
He spent his last night cuddled in my arms
snuggled in his coat that he loved.
In his last week
he caught a cicada bug and even climbed out on our roof!
In the last few months
he spent many long hours in the sun
and got to eat anything he wanted whenever he wanted
with people watching (he loved that!).
He was the most vocal of our kitties
and his purring me to sleep when insomnia takes over
is greatly missed.
I became a cat person after meeting him.
I hope he is chasing bugs, sleeping in the sun
and enjoying all the fish he can eat
over the Rainbow Bridge.
Before I short out the computer with the waterworks...
I have gotten  few things done in the magic kingdom!
I finished the "Boo" treat boxes for the preschool kids.
They are wrapped and ready to go.
Then I made this treat holder for a very special girly girl
I saw something similar on Pinterest-and ordered it from The Cutting Café.
I then realized that I had almost the very same image (skull and bones)
on my CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy or was it Artbooking  cartridge!
I simply cut it out, cut the bones in half and attached them to either side of the skull.

Glittered the bones and added a hair bow! I thought about fake eyelashes but nixed that
as I really didn't want to drive across the bridge
and sometimes less is better!

I attached a box to hold the treats and simply added another skull shape on the backside
(minus the eyes, etc. of course!)
So that one is filled with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.
Next up
I couldn't pass up a cute die even if was from---gasp--Tim Holtz.
And I wanted to do something for the vets office
so I cut out French fry boxes at 7 1/2" using the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge
out of kraft cardstock
and then cut tons of the Tim Holtz die thingy.
This is what I put together
(pardon the poor photography-I will repost better ones later)

I cut the ff box out of kraft paper-
then wrapped it with a band of the the orange and white polka dot paper
with a band of black crimped cardstock under it.
Now-here was my conundrum--
how to wrap it---and it isn't flat---or "squared"---?
I solved it by putting the middle of the band on the middle BACK of the ff box--
and wrapping the ends to the front-which then is covered by the decorative tag!
The ends angle up a bit--and I just trimmed them off!
The tree, fence, kids, trick or treat and bat
are all from the Tim Holtz die.
The mini pumpkin I hand made. All 14 of them...
using 7 circles each...and it's probably about 1/2" circle--if that!
I cut a strip of paper, ran it through the Xyron, and then punched the circles.
Peeling them off the Xyron was another challenge---but I won.
I used a piece of twine for the stem and a piece of fuzzy yarn to mimick the leaves.

The "trick or treat embellishment was fun!
I coated a circle with Martha Stewart's glow in the dark glitter,
hot glued a coffee stirrer to it, and then covered that with another circle
(to make the back pretty).
I added the bat and the trick or treat.
is from a Penny Black stamp and die set...
and since we have a BLACK CAT...well...'nough said!

The ff box at 7 1/2" is big enough to nicely hold three Ghiardelli chocolates.
I am half way through putting these together.
The hard part is keeping myself from eating the fillers!
Especially the Dark Chocolate Salted Carmel!!!
 I will put a note in each one that there are no tricks-just TREATS
for treating us so well!  And they do!
Let's end on some more fun notes---
here's Poppa Cat playing with one of my catnip fish---
and bunching up the rug in the process...

Here is Sir Sebastian in the craft room....

And Sir Stirling....who when I glanced over my shoulder and first saw him in the basket...
made me think it was Bad Cat....

I had considered naming them....Poppa Cat's Shadow and Bad Cat's Shadow....
as they really do look alike...but decided they needed their own identities.
And here's the black cat--aka Inky aka Turbo Kitty
(that's a shelf above the toilet in my bathroom!)

 Ms. Dolly and Bad Cat were his real buddies...
so I am trying to give him some extra attention.
He's intimidated by the high energy of the kittens
and the fact that there are TWO vs. one...
Poppa Cat has taken to them--
and often meows for them to come and play with him!
I have rambled on enough!
Better go finish the treats.
Next up will be a frame for a very special baby girl
using a Julie Nutting doll stamp and some really pretty
chalkboard papers with pinks and reds and whites...!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

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