Saturday, May 7, 2016

Long Time No Post... Moving Forward!

Been away forever it seems...truth be told my camera and Windows 10 and I 
(and my (new-er Dell computer do not get along (but then does anything get along with Windows 10...?! I absolutely hate it!) 
And I've been learning to live with Psoriatic Arthritis. Finally a correct diagnosis, an AWESOME Doctor...and a lot of life-changes to try and slow the progression.  So been rather busy.

And I have had a little time in  the craft room!!
 I have Personal Trainer #2 and she was moving.  
Wanted to make something for her and since she is up and down  our island on her bike...
this seemed like the perfect fit... 
Here is the box 
(remember-iphone pics-so not the greatest--but pics nonetheless!)

The wheels on the bike actually turn! 
Of course the bike it popped up (necessary for the wheels to turn freely).
It is made with a stamp and die set from Papertrey Ink
And stamped with Close to My Heart ink.

Here are the cards...

Here is the inside of the card (above) and,
Since we cannot have any naked mail, the envelope (below)!
Yes, I die cut the bike and then just used the front half for the envelope.

Now-confession time.
I have been stamping for eons. 
This bike is a very very small area and to try and line up
The clear stamp (which means I can see the die cut underneath
as opposed to red rubber stamps you cannot see through...)
It was still hard. Dirty-word hard!
And I threw a ton out and went through
probably a box of envelopes because I didn't line them up right.
Fast forward a few days and the lightbulb went off.
In my stash of craft tools I have
Stampin Up's Stamp-a-am-jig.
This little tool allows you to line up your paper and stamp perfectly
Every. Time.
Did I think to use it on my project...?
Will I remember to use it next time?
You can bet your sweet bippy I will!

She had really rough move
(in that everything that could go wrong did---
must've been something in the air last Sat!)
So I was glad to put a smile on her face with these.

Oh-that yellow thingy  on the box I found in a new line Michaels is carrying 
and I thought they looked like a sun when I bought them
and I was right!

That's all for today in the crafty kingdom.
 Have some other things I have worked on to share later
and sadly, today I need to make a sympathy card for a friend.

All kitties in our household are doing well...
Our senior citizen, Inky has become very loving and much more interactive.
The LITTLES as I call Lady Liberty, Sirs Stirling and Sebastian are full of themselves. 
Moe, our elderly resident feral actually cuddled with me 
on our chase lounge earlier this week!
We have a sometimes feral we call Spot
as he is cocoa colored with a little white spot on his chest.
He also has a hurt paw but refuses to let us near him
and avoids the trap no matter what we bait it with.
So sad to see him suffer and not be able to help.

Here is Sir Sebastian... I think there may be a slight "misfiling" 
going on in my linen closet!
Usually it's Sir Stirling in there 
and, truth be told,
the photo I missed was of both of them in there at the same time!

Well, with my health issue comes the ability to deduct a hot tub from our taxes
and hubby has been working extra hard to get ready for delivery please God on Monday.
A friend has graciously let me use hers until mine arrives
and being in the hot water is a sure time for all pain to stop.
Not a cheap fix--but anything for relief!
And I need to move on myself and help with the final preparations.

Until next time (and I sincerely hope it won't be nearly as long!)
Happy stamping and scrapping!

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