Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First State Fair Trip of 2009...

Hay-I mean "Hey" ya'll! Brook and I just returned late Sunday evening from the VA State Fair...our first fair trip of the year and yes, that is a picture of a pig nose! The pigs...are one of our favorite things to see at the fairs! I remember, however, when that wasn't the case...When we were first dating, he took this city-gal to the NC State fair...the same gal who, when taken on a field trip in first grade to a farm, walked around holding her nose the entire day! But I digress! I had no clue as to what I expected, but the first stop we made were the pigs. We walked into this huge building that had hay and dirt and mud and---well, you get the picture-all over the floor and pen after pen filled with pigs. I remember thinking "THIS is what we came to see? Two days of THIS?!" I was appalled--until I tweaked my first pig nose! The end of their somewhat tough and rubbery but the base of their, so soft! They snort and grunt and butt and ...well, I was hooked. And then when the baby calf tried nursing on my fingers (they are toothless when they are that little...) ohmygosh. Needless to say...most of my time at ANY fair is spent wherever I can get my hands on the animals-particularly baby animals...and I've tried to bring a few home (this year, it was a sheep!)
Another one of our favorite things to to try and guess the weight of the largest pumpkin-and this one was over 1,000 pounds! We sat in the sun (the "new" location for the VA SF does not have a covered horse arena much to our dismay) to watch the high school rodeo events. This is not aptly named as they have classes for middle as well as elementary kids. Brook loved the bull riding and the bulls this year did not want to be repenned after their events and put on quite a show with just that. The crowd heart-breaker was, by far "Cole", a KINDERGARTEN student, riding his pony named Munchkin. This little guy was way too cute! He competed just as the big kids did-in the pole bending and barrel racing events and did an awesome job, too. It was his first time to compete and, as I said, he stole the show. Next up...NC State Fair!
In my stamping and scrapping world...Sharon and Elizabeth (aka "Buzz") came over yesterday as well as Theresa and we made Flower Pot Cards. They are both new to stamping so it was really fun to pull out the tools and show them the

"tricks" of the trade. With one-on-one instruction, they went home well-versed in the basics. We all had fun and are planning next month's event, to be taught by Theresa. For now, I'd better go get myself ready for my
"real" job. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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