Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lots to tell...

OHMYGOSH...I can't believe its been as long as it has since I "blogged" last! I am so sorry! We have been on the go. We traveled to the VA fair and then last week-end to Hemingway, SC for two nights of rodeo and a day of a Wooden Boat Show. FYI--if you buy a Cuttlebug die set...they give you the empty box...the cashier has to give you the actual dies. I bought my first set at Michaels when I went with Theresa the week before and yes, I got home...with an EMPTY BOX. So I spent Monday afternoon this week driving back to Wilm. to get the "real deal". Live and learn. Then Wed. Bad Cat had his first appointment with our current vet. They were all afraid after our experiences with Inky and Poppa Cat...but...the cat with the "bad name"...redeemed us! He was THE PERFECT PATIENT so there is hope that the Russell Family will not be banned from the practice after all! Whew! I am worn out just repeating all that! This week-end... I am trying to catch up on housework, the things I need to get made for Artistry, a local shop who sells my paper crafts, and finish the treats I made for Halloween handouts. Whew! If someone would please wave their magic wand and turn me into triplets...

Ok-first things first -- NEW TOY!!! I have been eyeballing for some time now the ATG Guns (which are large version of the small adhesive dispensers!) on the various blogs, e-bay, etc. Like anything, I've read good (easy to use, great tool, better than redline tape even...) and bad (they gum up and give you "snot balls" of tape, they are bulky and heavy...) I did what any stamper would do-I consulted my guru of the stamp world, the Stampqueen herself, Carolyn Hurst. Carolyn said..."I have one-I don't like it, it's too bulky. I will make you a deal..." Well, it was a deal I couldn't refuse so I took her up on it. And I've got to say....this is one of the few times I have to disagree with the SQ! WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?!!! I absolutely love it! I am going to have a lot of wedding things to do for my stepson and daughter-in-law to be and I can't imagine doing a project of that magnitude without this tool!!! It is not heavy or bulky for me--in fact, I think if you can use a glue gun, you'll be fine with a tape gun. Granted, I am right-handed, and some have reported that's its trickier for lefty's to use (I'll let you know what Theresa says after she tries it). Yes, it occasionally leaves me "snot balls" of tape-but that's often operator error --when I lift up as I am releasing the trigger rather than keeping pressure on it and releasing...yeah, it gets snotty. But I wouldn't trade this tool for anything! While the top looks big-its really no heavier than two rolls of scotch tape would be that come in the plastic dispensers...I didn't find any "balance" issues with it at all--just point & press, pull the trigger, roll it and let go. Instant tape. No peeling off the plastic stuff (although there will still be times I will resort to redline...), no having to refill half-way through a small project and, thus far, no gumming up of the dispensing on a scale of 1-10, it gets a 10 from me!

Ok-next up...I showed my treat bags with toppers earlier in my posts---I knew I just wasn't going to have time to finish the rest of them that way and I saw this cute little guy on another blog (if anyone remembers who and will let me know... I will certainly give credit where credit's due...) She had used full-sized Hershey bars...I got the snack size...and I think they are adorable! I cut the crepe paper (can you believe we can still find that stuff-when was it invented-it's been around forever) and, to fit the snack-size, I cut the width in thirds. Then just attached an end to the back of the bar, wrapped it around randomly and taped it off. I color dusted it with CTMH Goldrush and added the wiggle eyes with glue dots. That's all there was to it! Instant Mummy! I think the kids will like them-if nothing else, who can turn down chocolate?!

I will post picks of the other week-end projects after I get them finished and delivered this week.

On closing I will add-Close to My Heart has a GREAT DEAL coming up for their November special--I can't spill it just yet---but maybe I will for a HALLOWEEN BLOG TREAT---so stay tuned! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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