Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's a bird; It's a plane, no, wait--it's....

SHARON trying to get ready for Holly Days craft show! Whew! I ran like crazy yesterday and, with the exception of church today, it will be the same today and, I dare say, the rest of the week! I don't feel so bad though--I told myself, "Self, you have 15 minutes (I'm a flybaby, can you tell! Wait-great Halloween costume! Let me get my timer, my feather duster, water bottle...) --I digress (that's why I NEED FLYLADY!)--15 mins. to look at e-mail, blogs and get coffee down...then its back to work...! The housework--doesn't stop just because I've procrastinated all year and let the date sneak up on me yet again. But my fellow bloggers seem to be in the same boat-everyone's been really busy--too busy to post! So I don't feel so bad! Yesterday---I got herbal neckwraps completed (packaged, too!), headache relief eye pillows done (again, packaged as well!) and what catnip toys I didn't trash ready to finish hand-sewing. The mice---for whatever reason-well, I know why-I used soft flannel scraps and the material stretched and twisted and...they are small-really small--and my patience ran out real fast. Spot the Catnip Fish will have to do this year! The mice are my best-sellers but it just ain't happening! Of course I had "HELP" when it came to the CATNIP projects! Lol! Bad Cat just made a lot of noise until he got some catnip and Poppa Cat showed up after I was finished-the container was sitting on the table still---doesn't he look pitiful?! Yes, he did get some! This is the guy who made himself sick on it when the package arrived from my herb guys! He wouldn't even LOOK at catnip for a month!
Today it's repackaging my allergy relief eye pillows and on to some paper projects. And housework. And laundry. And painting two small pieces of desk furniture for my office. Hubby might have to make an appearance for both of us at a church meeting we wanted to attend. He's good that way, though! Took me for ice cream last night even though he didn't want any and only made one comment about how much I ate! Lol. I needed a chocolate (and peanut-butter) fix! Well-I've checked blogs and it's on-to-it. Whatever you do, take time today to count your blessings and, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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Stressed Stamper said...

Wow do you multi task all the time...need to slow down there Sharon you will meet yourself coming backwards!...posting made me smile though
Sarah x