Thursday, October 28, 2010

MORE Treats...and a NEW TRICK!

Ok-so we already established that have no wee ones to do this kind of thing for---so when the striped cupcake cups with "EEK!" on the bottom and the matching picks-as well as the container of colored sugar-green, black and orange-called to me-well, guess what Hubby's workmates have to look forward to tomorrow! I whipped up a batch of my "cinnamon surprise muffins" (they have jelly in the middle!) and topped them by dipping them in melted butter, cinnamon and the colored sugars. These sugars are a bit "bulkier" than granulated--and it was a good bit trickier trying to get them to stick. But aren't they CUTE? I put them on a glass platter--oh-the SPIDERS--the spiders are really RINGS!Plastic rings! So they made cute decorations and a number of them decided to "crawl"
all over my platter--! T0o fun. Some of his coworkers have wee ones and I suspect that the spiders will find their way to new homes tomorrow! A few may even find their way over to Theresa's! Can't wait to hear her squeal!

Now for the NEW TRICK! So I have all the muffins done and am in the final stages of decorating when I realize that I should have gotten HALLOWEEN NAPKINS to send with them. Darn. Our Wal-Mart is across the bridge 20 minutes away--an hour trip easy-20 over, 20 in store, 20 back. Not something I wanted to do. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. I looked at my somewhat plain white napkins (they do have a little embossed design to them-but rather generic overall) and then spied my stamps, ink pad, clear embossing powder and heat gun...Hmmm...can you really emboss-heat emboss--paper napkins?! (I could see just stamping and someone wiping their face with a wet napkin and getting ink everywhere---it may happen with despite the embossing-I didn't check it but thought it would be safer!)---With a water pitcher close by (in case the napkin decided to go up in smoke!)-I gave it a shot! It works! It's super easy and super fast! So here they are...

and here's a pic of the tray and napkins (or "rabbits" as Theresa's family calls them--) and the muffins...makes a rather neat display, if I do say so myself. And, maybe I shouldn't post this---but the CRAFTY CAT just couldn't not be included--they are not allowed on the counters but he does think the chair is his...he was a VERY GOOD CAT --even if his name is BAD CAT...he just wanted to look-and, if you look close, you can see the tiniest tip of pink tongue sticking out...not sure what THAT means--maybe I'm getting a raspberry because he's not getting any "treats"! Until next time-happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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artfulwhimsies said...

My muffins taste even better than they look~ and the napkins are gorgeous!! But hey!!! wheres the cat I was supposed to get with this set of goodies?? LOL