Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baby, It's COLD (and wet!) outside!

BRRR! It's cold here at the beach--and wet. Just rain, not snow, thankfully! My stepson sent photos from the eastern shore of VA--and the beautiful snow they were having! Texted back that I was glad it was them and not me! I grew up on the shores of Lake Erie, was privileged to have gone to Montreat-Anderson (now Anderson) College in the mountains of NC--so I know about snow! I love it-if I am inside and don't have to go out! We did have some for one day here this past February-it was pretty, fun to throw a few snowballs and enjoy the white hush. Not having to put up with drifts, ice and slush was a real plus!
My motivation has got up and went-somewhere else-today! Just a lazy day. That's ok. Thought I would share a few pics...I had some help yesterday as I was trying to set up my CLOSE TO MY HEART website-great deal for December so visit me at and order on-line. Santa doesn't always get the word on what you want so sometimes we have to step in and do it ourselves! ; ) -- Anyway-here's my computer "assistant"aka Poppa Cat...he LOVES to have the inside of his ear rubbed! So we took a time out to do that!
I heard all this scratching at the front door next to me--there was a small cat we call "Spot" (he's cocoa colored with one small white spot on his chest) who decided to come and sample our feral cat's food--Inky looks like he was waving to him...!
Don't know if I posted this little jewel last year or not-but that's when I made it. It is a lunch box tin that I covered and decorated as a box for Letters to Santa (now we just need grandkids to fill it up-aw shucks-I should have loaned it the preschool at church to use! Hindsight is 20/20-oh well!) Anyway, I made several different ones to put in a local shop and they sold like hotcakes. This one I LOVED and three times tried to deliver it to them and had technical difficulties (I kept tearing the lights off taking it in and out of the bag!) so I ended up keeping it! I love it! I use it to display my Christmas cards.Well, I'd better go get some of my to-do's crossed off. Tomorrow I will share some of my favorite decorations. Until then, check out my CTMH site-and happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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