Monday, December 13, 2010

All I Want for Christmas...

I've decided--and my close friends, groupies and the like may be surprised by my answer as its not a new laptop, a camera or even a much-coveted mini cooper. All I want for Christmas is...a fairy godmother! Wink. And ya would think being a certified card-carrying FLOWER FAIRY I would have some pull in that area! You see, my fairy godmother could take over when the craft projects that look so great on the various and assorted blogs I visit go south for me. She could just wave her wand and make it all work. Yesterday was my attempt at's (no the link won't work-copy and paste) marshmallow reindeer. Her's looked so nice. Melting the chocolate and dipping the marshmallows wasn't hard. particularly when I discovered to not completely cover the bottom of the marshmallow meant that the sucker stick didn't get covered with (dripping) chocolate as well. The pretzels were far less cooperative. Hard to break to get antler-looking pieces-and she warned of this! Harder still to stick something somewhat fragile into a smooshie marshmallow-and one covered with chocolate---well, tricky at best. It's far easier to stick it in the side rather than the top-but this created a little issue with getting the treat bag over them when it was time to package them. I used red hots for the nose--but found NOTHING to use for eyes! Resorted to a tube of Betty Crocker (so not a fan anymore--not the blog-the company!) that CLAIMED to set up quickly. First DO NOT cut the tip off where they tell you to! First mistake. Second-IT DOES NOT set up quickly-if at all. My reindeer look like something out of a psycho movie! I was extremely disappointed. Some eyes smeared-others are less than perfect shape-so not happy! I doubt--the kids will care. But I don't feel I can charge my customer beyond supplies. My being in pain (my sciatic nerve is not a happy camper) and overtired didn't help. Neither did a very vocal cat. Which brings me back to all I want for fairy godmother...could've finished my unfinished to-do list (that, frankly, I think short of God Himself no one could have accomplished in a 3-day weekend!). She could have the house flylady'd and decorated already, my craft room cleaned (I cannot walk in there right now-not even a path left!), laundry done...all the projects and orders delivered...she could go to work for me today and I could have a MUCH NEEDED break from the Christmas chaos...Sigh.
We did...take time out to go and hear our Christmas musical program at church both Friday and Saturday nights--Theresa and her daughter, Theresa, also joined us! They do an awesome job!

Starting out with some secular Christmas music-complete with a dancing HIPPO this year (All I want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus!) among others, and then moving into the Christmas story portion of the program which is always extremely moving with the solos, narration, video and so on. It never fails to help me focus on what the season is all about. It gets me back on track and in the mood. The tantrum over the reindeer was a little blip. It's down-hill from here. Tomorrow night our groupies celebrate with our Christmas recipe page swaps, dinner and desserts. That's my only other commitment and, while I am looking forward to it and will enjoy it, and am excited about seeing what our gals created on their own, I am looking forward to down time. Yes, there's still shopping to do, presents to wrap---but its all on my time! All over the blogs last night I was seeing those who were "away" because of too much to do-some, sadly, leaving blogging completely for that very reason-others sick and still trying to do it all. Stay tuned for my new take on how to handle the day-to-day stuff-yes, flylady's involved-but I have some New Year Resolutions and goals that I am making, particularly after the life-lessons I've learned this year. For now, I'd better go get ready for work-and deliver the reindeer! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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