Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Did It By The Number!

The SLEEP NUMBER that is!!!
I slept...ALL NIGHT
without meds (or even a rum drink!)
for the first time in I can't even remember how long!
And---better yet
I woke up
and my first thought(s) weren't
Thank you, JESUS...
Thank you, my dear husband...
thank you SLEEP NUMBER bed!
It arrived right on time yesterday afternoon
The "Sleep Number Swat Team"
(4 guys total-I think-they were a blur or activity, motion and orders!)
descended upon our house
with lots and lots of little boxes and packages.
Where's the big huge heavy king size mattress...?
"In the box-in the bag, Ma'am!"
Why oh why I didn't take photos of the assembly process
is beyond me-I was amazed!
The "box springs"---are these heavy duty
(although light weight) panels that click together
and then  get a cover
and then bits and pieces of foam and covers
go together to make the  border of the mattress--
the mattress itself-is an huge air chamber that inflates--
or deflates--
so you can adjust how soft or how firm it is
It was amazing to see (I know-I said that already)!
I don't know what I expected-but it wasn't that!
The entire process-
from bringing it in, setting it up, hauling the old set off
didn't take over 1/2 hour!
And I slept.  All. Night. Long.
I got up, sat up, and jumped out of bed---
(well, almost--it's a lot higher than our old one...
shorty here needs to use the stepstool)
but there was no 10 minutes of trying to figure out how to move
through the pain.
I fed the cats, got my coffee and then
Hubby said he was taking his surf board to the beach
and I went, too!
Could not have done this even yesterday!!!
It was taking at least an hour-hour 1/2 before I could think about
getting ready to do anything.
If you are suffering from fibromyalgia pain

my blog-hopping will suffer greatly.
I have a page I want to scrap,
some things I want to finish for an up-coming craft show
housework I WANT to get done...
the list goes on...
our usual boat ride, swim and sunset picnic supper...

I cannot believe the difference
one GOOD NIGHT'S worth of sleep
can make.
if I can get some "cropping help" on this photo...
(the child in the red jacket needs to come out...
and I don't quite know how to do that...)
I want to work on a layout similar to the one in the
Close to My Heart catalog on pg. 112...
it's a fall theme...
and I've been admiring it for sometime now...
and it will mix nicely with another layout in the diva's book...
For now---like the baby (aka kitten, Inky...)
Gotta go...too much energy...too much I want to do...
as the song goes I FEEL GOOD
and am going to make the best of that today!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

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Jane O'Leary said...

Oh so glad you are feeling better with the new bed. May it just get better and better.