Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bon Apetite!

I know---you think I fell off the planet...
or abandoned my blog!
Not the case!
I've been working my little fingers to the bone
and I am
about my finished project--I just can't wait
to show it off.
My groupies tell me they don't look at my blog
and this is one time
I hope they are telling the truth
or they won't be surprised at our next meeting!
In December
Theresa (aka my partner in crime)
and I usually do a little make and take project
for them
and they have decided they want to
do another recipe swap this year
instead of the cards we did last year.
Well...there's only one problem with that...
I don't cook...much.
Unless I absolutely have to.
My other half does
(and yeah, my late husband cooked too---
I know-you hate me!)
So my repertoire of recipes is
mighty slim.
But ---wait!
I had a brain fart  storm...
and I knew what I wanted to do...
So I started scouring blogs to find a template
for an apron pattern.
I got my mail idea here...
Andrea did a great job....
but it wasn't in English (and trust me, it lost something in the Google
translator and with the measurements being metric...oy vey!
But I used it as a spring board...
I found another template 
and cut and pasted and altered it
to make it work for something similar to Andrea's apron...
and this is what I came up with...

I had a helper...

I had to do six of these
and each apron color and pattern were different--
the stamped images are from
Crafty Secrets (lady) and Artful Impressions (kitchen).
They were all hand-colored with Copics
and then fussy cut
(I can hear Theresa screaming from here! lol!)

"It depends on who you decide on calling!"
that I printed on a doily
(I just decided on my font and size,
printed it on cardstock,
then layed the doily over that where I wanted it to print,
taped it down on 4 sides with plain old Scotch tape
and ran it through the printer!)
The phone image is a clip art from I am not sure where...
and the silverware is Crafty Secrets again...

as are the  images on the front of the little "favorites" book
It's what's inside that little book that  is important...
since I don't cook---but I can call for take out...
instead of a recipe book---I made a mini phone book
with all the names and numbers of our local restaurants,
well most of them anyway!


I decorated the inside pages---again all colored with Copics
that was the easy part---
laying it out to print right was a pain in my royal
ah-hum yes well...
I needed to mount my "recipe" apron on something
so I searched ebay for vintage kitchen or some such under
scrapbooking--the paper I picked was from
Ruby Rocket--
a paper company I had never heard of
and I had quite a pleasant surprise
when it came yesterday---
I knew it was double-sided...
but it wasn't paper--
it is a very nice heavy double sided cardstock
that I got for a song!
It's AWESOME stuff!
And carries through that vintage theme perfectly!
So--I just stuck a recipe and clip in the pocket to show you
it's a pocket!
I have tried that chicken recipe once upon a time tho---
Back to my pocket...
So I cut a 6x12 piece...
I scored on the 6" mark
then on one of the 6"x6" sides I cut a slit to the score line
at 3"
Follow me?
Then...I adhered the top 3"x6" panel to the top of the opposite side
and then taped the other 3"x6" panel on 3 sides---to make a pocket!
I am sure that's as clear as mud-but it worked! 
I got the benefit of having the pretty retro images visible
on both sides and the bottom inside pocket is the burlap image
that was on the backside of the paper
that was ok but not awesome.
This project took some time-
as I am sure you can tell!
Days. Actually.
More time that I have put into any one project
in a very long time.
But I did it slowly---small bits and pieces
and I had a great time playing.
Thank God hubby cooks---or I would have been calling
for lots and lots of take out!
The measuring spoons in the photo shoot
were my grandmothers.
The little red apron in the photo shoot
is mine from childhood.
It has a terry cloth pocket
and another that is a little hand towel stitched to the apron itself.
It graces my church pew that we use
as a bench to our table
and the former hymnal racks hold cookbooks!
Speaking of cookbooks...
The Good Housekeeping Cookbook
was one my late husband gave his mother some years back...
the binding is tattered and peeling...
but it's a precious keepsake.
And yeah, when I need to know how to cook something
I've been known to take it out a time or two!

 I will be assisting my husband/chef tomorrow
with anything he decides to trust me with...
dish detail for sure.
Hope everyone has a happy and blessed
I'm thankful for a husband who cooks!
Bon appetite! 

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Tamra Pope said...

These are adorable....finally have a few minutes to hop around the blogging world.....thanks for this wonderful post :)