Friday, November 2, 2012

It's the day before Holly Days...

and all through the house...

peace prevails...
Never before heard of here.
I've not lost my mind.  I am not dead...
And yes,
I will have the usual booth
with my great friend Theresa
I had prepped for another craft show
in September that I didn't get to do
because I was sick.
So in between then and now
 I finished a few more projects
and all I had to do yesterday
was have hubby help me bring my baskets
down from the attic.
The "stock" boxes are packed, inventoried and ready.
The display baskets are lined up.
I may do a dry run layout today to see how I want to set up
since I have some new items this year.
Oh-and go to the bank.  I need to get change.
And load the truck.
Other than that...I am ready to go.
I did discover---
I only have one catnip fish fishing pole---
so I may put some of those together.
May not.  We'll see.
I am loving it!!!
And I am feeling a real need
to do some serious FLYLADYING of this house
after tomorrow
and in between prep for the last show of the year.
If you are in  my area---
come shop at HOLLY DAYS tomorrow
from 9-4.
We'll be right outside the main doors
and we have lots of great things at great prices!
For now
I think I'll have another cup of coffee...and relax.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Stressed Stamper said...

Ummm coffee sounds good hun - think I will too..Have a great weekend - and thanks as always for your support -much appreciated.
Sarah x