Saturday, February 16, 2013

Catch (cough---cough--choke) Up...

Whatever this respiratory bug is
that's going around...
I sure wish
it would
I've hosted you long enough
(almost an entire week...)
time to move on!
 It's been a challenging couple of weeks at that.
Two weeks ago
I took our Poppa Cat to the vet
thinking he had a respiratory thing going on
as he kept loosing his "meow" off and on.
Turns out
that's one of the symptoms of
diabetes in a cat.
Who knew?
Now we do.
And yep, it's a lot like in people---
change the diet,
stricter eating/medication schedule
monitor blood sugar counts
and two insulin injections per day
preferably before meals.
Which means
before Momma has coffee!
It has been a real challenge.
Thank goodness
even though he is a holy terror at the vet's office
he is a real doll baby at home.
We're still purr-fecting
how to get him to hold still the best
for his injections
(he's Poppa's favorite so it's hard for him
to make him stay still...)
but so far
we've gotten all the shots in him
and no one hurt in the process!
Add to that
the fact that Momma probably should go to
her vet-er, doctor.
I have spent the entire week
with the exception of one half-day
in bed.
Last night and today
at least the cough has been productive
(sorry-TMI, I know).
I am taking that as a sign
that this bug is on it's way out.
Can't be soon enough to suit me!
I did manage a quick Valentine card--
this is a puzzle cut from the
Close to My Heart Artiste cartridge
Since I never felt well enough to make a special one
for hubby
I used this one instead.
(He was happy and none the wiser!
I won't tell if you don't!)
I loved this layout in the
new Spring/Summer CTMH catalog
and decided we'll recreate it for
our scrapbooking group next month.

It uses the Chantilly papers
(which I think would make an adorable spring banner!)
and fabric (note the ruffle!)
with the cute crocheted trimmed zipper!

I am not sure if the sample in the catalog
used actual stitching around the borders
but I "cheated" and, since CTMH cardstock
has a nice white core
I simply made score lines and then sanded them
to expose the white.
I really like this layout.
I will have to find photos to fill it
and repost it.
For now, I think a hot shower
and more coffee's what the dr. ordered for me--
and a nap.
Definitely a nap.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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