Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chantilly Lace....

and that's all of those song lyrics I remember!
After the last couple of weeks
it's a wonder if I know my own name!
Sick Momma Me-a
sick cats
(tomorrow I get to make 2 vet runs
with 2 different cats---oh joy!)
it's not been fun.

I did something I rarely do.
In the new Close to My Heart Catalog
I fell in love
with the Chantilly paper line
and it's embellishments.
And a layout that was in the catalog
page 19 to be exact.
You can view the catalog by clicking here
So I had ordered the supplies
and drooled and dreamed
until finally
between coughing fits
I found a few minutes here
and a few minutes there
and created not one page but two.
Both of these were "cased"
(translate: not my original ideas)
although I did change them up a bit.
Here's the first page before I added pictures:
And here's the second page and the changed up first page
after adding photos:
I had to move that oval embellishment on the far right
and remove the "friends" after I added my photo---
the embellishment would have been right over my goddaughter's face
it looked "unbalanced" if I put it at the top-
so my only other option was to CAREFULLY
remove the popped-up "friends" and place it there at the bottom.
A word to the wise:
do not permanently attach embellishments before you put
your photos down!
You can always leave them off and add them after or,
if you really want to add them, slip a piece of waxed paper
between the sticky on the embellishment and where it overlaps
that way you can pull it out and tack it down after adding your photo!
The left-side page was "cased" from the CTMH bulletin board.
I used a retired stamp set that I think was called
"Mrs. Scrapbooker"
along with the *NEW* Frame Flair stamp set (p. 19 also)
to make this cute little embellishment

Yes, the frame is popped up
with a piece of "glass" (transparency!) added to it!
I think part of the reason I may have been so drawn
to these papers and layout
is that I knew exactly what photos I wanted to use.
I simply printed out my journaling on vellum
and overlaid it on the dp blocks.

I even managed to figure out how to
print my journaling on cardstock and then
line it up to cut out the shape from the
Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge.
I simply printed, cut and then stamped!

My friend "Buzz" and Bad Cat were having a serious conversation about something!
I think "Buzz" may have been trying to coax him to give up the
groupie project that night and he wouldn't talk-
no treats? no talk!
BC is the one who goes to the vet tomorrow afternoon.
He's the BEST cat at the vets...
for us he's finicky and foul when it comes to health care
and we're afraid that he, like Poppa Cat, may be diabetic.
Dear God I hope not!
Well, tonight is our Groupie Night.
So off to pack my craft bag
feed and care for kitties
and then I am off for a night of fun.
I'll probably have no voice by the time it's over
but who cares!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Katy said...

...and a pretty face, and a pony tail hanging down...a wiggle and a walk...and a giggle and a talk...makes the world go 'round.

Love the title, thanks for getting the song in my head now...lol...and love the layouts!

Stressed Stamper said...

wow lots of work went into that - looks fab hun
Sarah x

sharin said...

You did a wonderful job on this layout! I love all the little details. It wasn't until I got to the close up shots that I noticed you even used a zipper. So cute!