Saturday, May 18, 2013

Quick something for Saturday...

Been a busy, busy week---
the preschoolers LOVED their treats
particularly when I showed them 
the owl held chocolate (m&m's)
could be used as a finger puppet!
So that was well worth the effort.
the replacement Cricut
died shortly after cutting the pieces from them.
It came with bad blade-
and I had to replace that to get it work...
then, after finishing the treats
I was cutting flowers,
heard a loud "clunk"
and now it's cutting but not all the way through
the cardstock.
I've changed blades yet again,
set all things (blade and pressure) as high as they will go
and no luck.
And of course
Provocraft isn't open on Saturday.

So here I sit...
cutting project pieces by hand
when I have a $ 200 machine that could be doing it instead.

Whipped up this little goodie for
my hubby.

There are days the phone drives him crazy
and I was joking at lunch one day this week
about making him a spinner...
I used a 4"x4" coaster
covered in duct tape-
the CTMH  spinner template
I printed the selections on the computer
and printed them out-
covered the spinner with clear contact paper,
used an SU metal spinner hand and brad
and now he can spin to choose!
If nothing else-he'll get a smile out of it!

That's it for today.
I seem to be dead in the water again.

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

1 comment:

terryanndiack said...

you are a creative crazy genius...You come up with some of the neatest things. Love the spinner