Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stuff on Sunday...

So yesterday I spent almost the entire day
in my CRAFT room
(someone at lunch last week thought I had called it something else entirely---
well, when crap happens-that's where I tend to hang out! Lol!
Guess I will follow my friend Theresa and start calling it

The end-of-the-year treats for the preschoolers
are all made, packaged and tagged...

for the 4's who are leaving us---caps included!

for the 2's and 3's who are moving up a year and staying
in our school...

And, in giving credit where credit is due, I cased the owl pillow box idea from 

Lynn at The Queen's Scene
While hers were made with SU punches, I used my Cricut and the Close to My Heart
Art Philosophy Cartridge.
I cut all the pieces-then assembled using LOTS of low temp hot glue
to hold those front feather pieces on (scalloped banner pieces layered 4x).

Then I went to work on the teacher gifts.
Someone on the CTMH buy/sell board
sold me a box of 1,000 4" coasters.
WOW! That's a lot!
But I keep coming up with new ideas--
purse pads with post it notes and a small pen
and another FYI---the binding coils for a CINCH work
with the BIND IT ALL as well
(thank you to the nice shopper in Hobby Lobby who
shared she worked for a printer and thought they
were all standard--they seem to be!)

And, I had a lot of mishaps.
First I started taping outside pieces to the inside-
but caught myself before I got too far and was able to salvage
what I had done.
But then...
I *thought* I had flipped the cover(s) right to decorate the inside...
and when I went to punch the first one...
realized that I had not.
All 6...were wrong.
Unattach, cover up the goofed up stamping,
So I got all of them put together finally
and then did the six tag cards to go with them.

I usually stamp and paper piece the shirt, pants and shoes-
but opted to color with my Copics instead
(FYI: SOME (not all) Copic colors will bleed
if you use our White Daisy...! And none of them
blend as well as when used on the papers
recommended by Copic.  Breathing.)
Then, wanting the front of the notepad to pop a little more
I covered the center stamped pieces with
SU's Crystal Effects.
I've had issues in the past with CTMH ink + CTMH Liquid Glass---
the LG has changed and/or caused the ink (even tho it's CTMH--to bleed
or change color completely.
I've never, on the other hand, had an issue
with CTMH ink and SU's Crystal Effects....
until yesterday.
I had carefully filled in the fronts of all 6-
secured them in a place that kitties could not go
until they dried.
I took them out earlier
and this is what I had---

a green mess!
Another deeeeeep breath.
Peeled them all off
(of course messed up a sun in the process so had to recut, restamp that part...)
and then discovered I am almost out of Pop Dots
(and, being in  purse, thought that would tear off too easily);
couldn't find my stash of Fun Foam
which would have been perfect substitute--
so I had to punch and layer about 4 pieces of cardstock
and stack them to put behind the stamped part
to get a little dimension in it.
They are done!
The tag cards are done.
Just need to package them.

On the tag card---that is a card on CTMH's
Artiste Cricut  Cartridge.
I wanted the front flap to stay closed
so I used what I call SU's slitty punch (discontinued, sadly)
and slipped it behind the front flap to see where to position it
and then just punched.
That little bit of tab helps the card stay shut.
And for those who are wondering--
I stamped then punched and punched and then stamped-
it worked ok either way!

Now I just need to clean up the disaster in there-
it seems if I put stuff away as I work,
then inevitably that's when things go wrong
and I have to pull it all out again for one card or whatever...
If I don't put it away as I go...then it's the disaster it is now!
Maybe a basket to just put it all in under the worktable
(might have to move the cat!)
to put it in as I go to put away later?

Gotta make a graduation card-
my "nephew" Matthew graduated from The Citadel
last week-end.
I am late, as usual.
That's what the child gets for calling me an "alien" !
(he was 4-5, we were talking about ALIASES and he asked
his mom if she knew I was an alien!)
Alien, no--late as usual---yep.

Until next time--
happy stamping and scrapping!

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