Friday, February 28, 2014

Wishing for Spring...

PSPTP (PS-PRIOR TO POST: So I go into the magic kingdom last night
and what do I find on the floor? One of the small dark pink roses...GRRR!
Since the others are all hot glued down-I will find another use for it---oh well!)
on to the post...
I did not manage to dodge the germs
everyone around me was spreading
so I have the cold--aka ``the crud``.
I spent yesterday in bed sleeping
and today I was too antsy to just lie here
so I worked on a craft project while propped up
with my pillow, Kleenex and Popsicles (great for sore throats!
I purchased a paper peony flower wreath kit from
I accidently got two kits instead of one-not sure how that happened---
but their customer service is AWESOME---I had it within 3 days of ordering!
And the kit was good quality, too.

Isn`t it beautiful
(uh-oh-I`ve done something wonky to my keyboard again-weird characters)
The ``welcome`` sign is not part of it-it`s a sign on my door to my magic kingdom
that just happened to fit perfectly at the top
so I left it there.
This was super, super easy to do--
you punch out the precut flowers
sort them by shape and color
and then go to work with your bone folder
to curl the edges
and then you just stick them together
alternating the petals.
If you purchase this kit-here`s a tip---
you can curl the petals with your bone folder,
use glue dots to adhere them together,
and then gently `smoosh`` it to make it curl into itself even a bit more.
There are several colors-and two sizes of flowers-
and they really do look real!

I have to add that I used my Cricut to cut leaves-
the kit comes with a template to hand cut 9 leaves...
I found I wanted more to help fill it in a little bit
and I didn`t want to sit and trace and cut by hand.
 The ribbon included with the kit was plentiful---
a pet peeve of mine is kits or companies that skimp on the embellishments.
It was a good way to pass the day
in between sneezing.
On another note,
our vet just called about Ms. Dolly.
The pathology report was---inconclusive.
There`s still a possibility that the bump that was removed
wasn`t cancerous.
But they can`t tell without running more tests on it.
Need consult with the other half.
We`ve been hit hard with vet bills this year.
Ms. Dolly is doing well-and the vet is surprised a new bump hasn`t appeared.
That is good news.
Now if Momma can just get better...
Pass the Vitamin C and the tissues, please....
Until next time,
Happy Spring-
stamping and scrapping.

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