Sunday, July 13, 2014

You & Me....Sunday Sisters Post

A dear friend of mine
posted this pic of her and her sister on Facebook
It's stunning, don't you think?
See-I thought so, too.
And I knew I wanted to do something special with it for her.
So after a full day of flyladying
and I was really too pooped to do it
and yet I wanted to give it to her at church this morning...
I whipped this up in about an hour!

I wanted to stay with the black and off white theme-
with a little pop of color.
I covered an 8x10" canvas with a piece of dp
sanded and inked the edges to age it.
Then I added the burlap ribbon (LOVE IT! NEED MORE!!!)
and started playing with the rest of the embellishments.
I got done and thought it needed something else-
but as it turned out---
I just needed to take something away!
I had another doily at the top--
and it was too much!


I started to stamp out the letters for "Sisters"
when I remembered my "stash" of embellishments in my closet.
I was able to go straight to the alphabet bag
pull out the stickers and even the page pebbles
(aka the little glass bubble thingys)
and the metal frames to add the sisters.

I even stumbled across the piece of black plastic mesh
(it's actually something I got at a yard sale years ago-something
from the hardware dept.!)
Of course I used pop dots to give dimension to all of it.
Then in my rush this am
I realized that every single gift bag in my stash-
needed decorating.
So I just pulled out the tissue paper-
went with the shabby chic look and wrapped it around
(didn't even use tape!)
and tied it with the jute string.
Stamped a doily with her name and slipped it under.

She texted me after church,
She loves it! So does her sister!
My earlier project yesterday was a fail.
FYI - don't spend time trying to etch glass
that you are putting neutral colored bath sugar scrub into.
You won't see the design.
I didn't know it but etching cream evidently has a shelf life.
And 2+ years isn't it.
Just sayin'...
Saved it today as well...
but I will save that post until after I get the card done.
Now I think it's time for a nap.

Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

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