Sunday, March 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Matthew!

My "nephew's" birthday is coming up
and since it's pretty safe to assume
that a 20-something year old Marine
isn't going to be perusing his "Aunt's" papercrafting blog,
I wanted to get it posted before I post it---
translate: put in tomorrow's mail!
I've spent a lot of time on Pinterest
and I cased this idea from Michelle's blog

Big Day Easel-card by Michelle Last
Isn't it just ADORABLE?!!!!
I love it!
Typical of me, I wanted it bigger---
and found I had some real challenges in making it so-
but this is what I came up with---after 5 HOURS....!



Ok---so every things that could go wrong did--in the first two!
I took a break and came back to it.
First I made my base to fit the larger size enve
I had to piece the pieces together at the top.
I simply measured and took out a chunk in the center
 to make the legs.
By making it bigger,
I soon discovered that not only could I not emboss it
but the cardstock I was using was too lightweight
and it just tore it up (yes, just by embossing-go figure.)
I had to cut extra paper down, fold it,
and then emboss TWO LAYERS
at once.
I then cut this down into strips
and pieced it over the ``chalkboard`` after color dusting it.
I won`t even go into how many flubs I had
 trying to stamp the chalkboards!
I added the brads and the other embellishments
and realized I needed to cover up the brad ends
and realized it needed reinforcing to stand up!
(Again with that cheap  cardstock that tore
 just being embossed!)
I cut another set of papers just like I did the original base
and layered it inside.
Only then did I discover
it was still flopping open and wouldn`t stand.
I carefully peeled away the sides and legs,
hot glued popsickle sticks at the legs
and added ribbon to the sides
and then taped the inside layer back down.
After I had attached the balloons (with hot glue)
I realized I wanted them on the side opposite the banner.
Too late, too bad.  He`ll never know!
And today I tried to fit it in my envelope.
Of course...the balloons stick up and it won`t.
How did I do my balloons you might wonder.
They are an old Close to My Heart set
with a matching Cricut cut.
I did two of each color, put a pop dot in the center
and one end of the string before attaching the other.
I wrapped twine around the base of the balloon
and dabbed a bit of
hot glue on it and then attached them to the sign board.
5 hours, one card.
Is he worth it---no question!
If you saw on the news or read about it on the internet
he was one of the Marines credited with saving another Marine`s life
when he had been bitten by a snake.
They carried him 2 and a half hours out
until help could get to them.
I am proud of that young man!
Our birthdays are only a few days apart, too!
Well, now I have to make a couple of cards
for people I do not know at all.
Is that hard for you to do...
I am really struggling with it--and not sure why...
Until next time,
Happy stamping and scrapping.

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