Sunday, March 22, 2015

When Life Hands You Lemons....Hide in the Craft Room and Make...

whatever your heart desires!
Our "local" (1 hr. away!) Hobby Lobby
has a number of signs
saying when life hands you lemons
make lemonade---
and one of these days I am going to pick (pun intended!)
one to bring home!
Life's been crazy (understatement!)
so last week I hid out and made St. Patrick's Day cards and they were a real hit...
and when I got done with those...
I used that same Lawn Fawn stamp set and started making
lightening bugs...lots and lots of lightening bugs...
I love love love them!
I hand-stamped, hand-colored and yes,
one by one, lined up the die and hand-cranked the Big Shot
to cut them out.
Then I used MS glow in the dark glitter
and glittered every single little butt!
More to cut-but saving that for another day!
Do not waste your time and pop dots or foam tape trying to make a leak-proof shaker card.
Just die cut a piece (or two) of fun foam and use that instead (details in the video)!
The die cut right through the fun foam (one layer at a time) just like a hot knife through butter.
I used fun foam glue to hold my two layers together and it worked perfectly!
NO LEAKS! And I even added micro beads to my card!
Moving on.
Easter is right around the corner so it's time for some Pre-school treats.
I chose to do sour cream container carrots-with a cute little tag tied on with some hemp cord.
The "carrot" is simply 4"x6" paper-and I used double stick tape-gun tape
(no staples for litttle fingers!)
The "greens" I just cut a 3"x3" piece of bazzil paper,
ran it through the crimper, cut it with my brand new Martha Stewart scissors
that literally shredded the paper instead of nice clean cuts
(they are going back...)
and then put tape on the bottom edge and smooshed it together
until it formed a kind of triangle at the bottom
and stuck it in the top of the carrot.

I used the Crop-a-dile to punch two holes in the top
(um, fyi-if you are holding it up close to see where you are punching
be sure to keep and protruding body parts out of the way
when you punch-the handles can hurt you, too!
Just sayin'...! OWWWWW! Only me....!)

Here's the finished crop of carrots-
filled with a fun-size bag of M&M's
(kinda have to fold it over scrunch it in but it does fit-
and when doing 25+ more---I need to use supplies conservatively!)
I could have used the solid orange for the carrots-but I really really liked
the polka dot ones instead!
I had intended to use this for the tag--just the bunny part
backed by dp--but I had printed off the others and decided they were cuter for
preschoolers although I am sure the pom-pom tail would have been a hit...
Oh well-I have lots of other ideas for this stamp!

It was brand new-and I am not a neat stamper...
my friend Theresa would will be appalled! Lol.  Oh welll...

 Got some other Easter stamps from years gone by
that haven't even seen ink...yet.

Stamping helped save my sanity on more than one occasion
so I am trying diligently to get more time doing just that
along with other things I do to keep life in balance!
Speaking of balance...
I was quietly stamping and coloring in the magic kingdom yesterday
and the "littles" were in there....
Sir Stirling (right) was climbing on the shelves above my worktable
when all of a sudden the sky started falling-
baskets and all their contents-along with Sir Stirling-
were suddenly falling fast and furious towards the floor.
Luckily thankfully he landed on his feet but not without some wicked twists in mid-air
while he tried to right himself.
He was a little subdued but less than 10 minutes later was chasing his brother
through the house so I didn't think an emergency vet visit was in order!
Our Poppa Cat however is having a rough go of things.

Somehow he broke his pelvis.
He's been on a lot of pain meds along with meds for other issues.
He isn't too interested in eating right now
and we've noticed he's limping more on the injured leg/side.
He's also been extremely vocal at times the past two days.
The vet said he has awful arthritis in his hips.
I think we need to bump his appointment up to this week rather than next.
He's not a happy camper at the vet so I am not looking forward to them
having to do more x-rays and lab work.
I offered to sign a stack of sedation forms to have on hand
and just fill in the blank for the date. Lol.
They are an AWESOME group as you've heard me say many times.
Well, time for more coffee,
some pain meds for me and my arm
and back to some more creative stuff.

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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