Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It was a WILD time...!

Whew! I just got back from the jungle---and let me tell you-it was WILD! Lions and tigers and gators and heffalumps's a wonder I made it out alive! Just kidding---I was honored to be asked to do a little "make and take" rubber stamping project for +/- 15 kids who participated in our local library's summer reading program. They had their awards ceremony, ice cream, and then stamped. Got a goodie bag compliments of moi as well. Most-if not all-had never stamped before so seeing their little faces light up---yeah, even the oldest one had fun--was really neat. I especially liked the fact that the parents came and didn't rush the kids along!

So what did we do? Wanting to do something that would appeal to both sexes, I purchased the CTMH Expedition Paper Pack (p. 45) as well as the In the Wild stamp set (p. 60) Gotta LOVE the monkey and heffalump-um, elephant..! The bookmark had "I am WILD about reading!" on it and then they stamped the front and back of the scalloped topper for it. They were cute, quick and easy for even the youngest (sister of a participant--maybe age 2? Mom helped, of course, but she was a true stamper-had the inky fingers to prove it! : ) ) Then for something a little more challenging we used the same paper and made what I called a "Fun to Fold" corner bookmark. It was great fun-a wild time was had by all-and now I am ready for my nap!

Before I do---I want to share one more thing: I woke up this am and was quite blurry-eyed as I made my way to the coffee pot. As I was standing there in my cotton nightgown I looked down to see a little black furry head peaking out from under its ruffle and looking up at me! Inky, of course and his look was too cute! What a nice "good morning" that was! One of those things that you wish you had a picture of---but, I have the memory and that will have to be good enough. A lot of things in life are like that--"good enough" but we struggle and strive so for perfection when "good enough" is sometimes even more satisfactory. I kept thinking "I could've done this or that" for the kids---when what I did was JUST FINE and they were THRILLED. Good enough...I'm learning... Take time and breathe-enjoy life today... until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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