Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday and summer...

I love summer-love it. The warm, salty air, the sound of the kids laughter drifting over from the beach, hot dogs on the grill, dragonflies and lightening bugs--many week-end evenings we go out in the boat, anchor, swim, eat a picnic supper, read and relax...

But in the morning...once the cats have been fed, I want my cup of coffee and my favorite blogs to look at. And I guess that there are others out there enjoying summer, too, as oftentimes weeks go by before you see a new post. Sigh. Everyone it seems has gone into hiding...perhaps just trying to find a cool space to hang out... I am no exception! I've made it in the craft room to do the things that absolutely HAD to be done-birthday cards for family, a card for an order...but that's it. I dislike the shorter days of fall and winter --the dismal dark setting in so early...but it seems we're a lot more creative then, too!
Can't have it all, I guess. I got some new "toys" in yesterday---somehow I don't quite think this particular item was on my order form...! lol! If there's a box around...Inky will try and fit in it!
Off to the craft room-two birthday cards gotta get done! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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