Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh JOY...

Sharon Burns has been asking for MONTHS---if not YEARS...for Theresa to teach her how to do the squash book. Yesterday---it happened! We gathered at my kitchen table and went to work. Why oh why I didn't think to take out the camera and capture the look of JOY on her face is beyond me. I guess I was just so engrossed in the idea that, while I was really there to help Theresa, I got to make the project, too and hence was playing as well! It was sooo much fun and as you can pretty! The ornament images and cut out are from Stampin' Up (call or e-mail Theresa!)--it's so easy to stamp, emboss and then just punch out the image--no tedious cutting with scissors and trying to get it all even and smooth! The papers she chose were from a designer pack and are oh so pretty as well (did I mention she does
good work?!) We had a great time and
we've decided to revamp our group a little bit. Beginning in January, we will move from afternoon monthly meeting to a crock pot dinner and class in the evening. This schedule seems to work better for most involved. I will be teaching a "push me pull you" book--gotta see it to believe it--but I don't think I will post it on the blog until we do it. The sample is done, however the the gals were "awed" yesterday-maybe even a little intimidated--but I KNOW they can do it! It's one of those that looks much more complicated than it really is! February Theresa will teach again and she has a vintage themed recipe book brewin. One mentioned using it to give to her daughter with family recipes, another said she had recipes in her mother's handwriting she wanted to include. We've also talked about doing some of the Close to My Heart Workshops on the Go (scrapbook pages) as well as the same from Stampin' Up for those that are working on albums and seem to be buying sets of things but saying "someday I will get it done" (not mentioning any names Sharon B!) So there seems to be lots going on. I think our group needs a name. Hmmm..think on that, ladies! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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