Thursday, November 26, 2009


Before I was a "crazy cat lady" as my husband calls me, I was a dog person. There are things in my life, past and present, that I am, indeed, thankful for, particularly today. Miss Onyx (left) was my "guardian angel" for 16 1/2 blessed years and I believe keeps on eye on me yet today. And, speaking of today, I want to give a heart-felt THANK YOU not only to my good friend, Theresa, but to her family as well for making me feel more than welcome at their Thanksgiving celebration (Brook choose to celebrate in VA while I opted to stay in NC). Theresa had a wonderfully delicious feast (her pumpkin soup is to die for and her stuffing (yes, I cheated-please pray I don't itch too bad!) was as good as my grandmothers-a VERY high compliment as I consider STUFFING the MAIN COURSE on Thanksgiving (or any meal that it's servced for that matter!)) Lol! Bob kept my wine glass full (but not too!), and Michael graciously escorted me to my seat. TT seemed thrilled to be seated between her mom and I. MaryAnn, John, Jacqueline and Matthew made me feel part of the family as well. I spent my morning reorganizing the craft room so that I will actually be able to find and use the things I buy and have! While I didn't get to share it with my husband, it was, indeed, a wonderful day. Now, I am ready to go curl up with my cats and relax and read until sleep overtakes me. As Martha would say, "It's a good thing!" I AM thankful-and richly blessed! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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artfulwhimsies said...

What a very nice post! I am very thankful to have you as a friend.
And you are most welcome to join our celebrations any time you would like~