Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sometimes it's about What Works...

....and sometimes it’s about WHAT DOESN’T! At first glance, one might suspect that this is a star book. Let me assure you, it’s not. I found a tutorial for what’s called a MEANDER BOOK...and thought it would make the perfect book to tell the story about my shoes—my wedding shoes, that is. Long story short, I found not one but three pair—and couldn’t make up my mind! I even took two pair with me to the church. Finally, I decided. My photographer (who didn’t like to do weddings for fear of not getting the one shot I really wanted) did some absolutely AWESOME unexpected the black shoes just sitting against the white tile wall and floor. This was all two years ago, and yet I find myself once again "in search of" the perfect shoes to go with the "step-mother of the groom" dress. So naturally these stories are what popped into my mind when I saw Artful Legacy’s "Made for Walking (sku: DV 123 K). Besides, shoes seem to be a popular theme with us ladies-as each design team member (except Theresa!) picked this stamp to work with. Enough babbling. My meander book...did not want to close once it was finished. No, Theresa, I didn’t use too many pop-dots! I did however, layer two one-sided pieces of paper together thinking it wouldn’t add that much bulk to it. Was I wrong! Between that snafu, the photos, tags and embellishments...well, it will just get displayed open. The playful outfits, colors and variety of shoes added a great deal to my story! So, without delay, let’s go walking after all, we have the perfect choices of shoes!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
ps/I will try to post a little more this week-hadn't realized it had been a WHOLE WEEK without a post! So sorry!

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missed you - great posting!