Thursday, September 9, 2010

I (finally!) GET IT!!!

Hi all. I am back. It's been a very long week, but I think I am about to begin being able to settle back into my routines. Waiting on one more test result (which I am not concerned about) and will move on from there. I've stopped all my meds except for blood pressure and I simply cannot tell you how much better I feel! No chronic headaches, body aches, fatigue or "crunchy" shoulders. I am sleeping and feeling rested and JOYFUL in the morning-BEFORE my coffee (absolutely unheard of for me!) I am a new old me--if that makes sense!
Yesterday, as we went back and forth for my stress test and I finally made it home and saw my messy house--I got what Flylady has always said..."You are not behind...just jump in where you are!" I got it! I am doing my happy dance. See-I can see...that its not as bad as the old me would think. Yep, Mt. Washmore is piled high, the floors need sweeping, the sink shining...but I also know that one short home blessing hour will put most of it back in its place. IT WAS OK to take the time I've needed to rest and regroup. A friend told me last night (Thank you, MC!)--that they are not going to put on my tombstone that I was a good housekeeper--or not! No one really cares about that! So this afternoon--or tomorrow when I am off-I will work on blessing my home-and my DH and's ok as it is--for now. I know my routines-and part of those routines is now going to include taking time to take care of me...another Flylady message I've ignored. Go check her out-now. Please. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon
ps/I will post the "save the date cards" I am working on tomorrow...! : )

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