Friday, September 3, 2010

So--what do YOU do...

when your Primary Care Physician (aka PCP) looks at you and says (quote/unquote) "I do not have time to deal with all these issues today---I am BUSY!" Yep, boyhowhoudy--I heard those very words from my doctor, following my ER visit, today. I also heard (quote/unquote) "most people come in 3-4 days AFTER their ER visit---you are here today-what happened?"--and yet, she was "too busy" to listen nor could she insert my notes into my record without "time to review them as they are a legal document"--until---I started gathering my things to leave. And then, MIRACULOUSLY, her schedule opened up...she HAD go to her office and read them (supposedly/she did exit the room for less than 5 minutes...). She did not, however, acquire the ability/gift of LISTENING TO HER PATIENT while she was gone. She said I still needed thus-and-so, to which I agreed but added that I WOULD NOT see a particular physician to which she responded, "Well, may interpret it". Now, you may not have noticed from my photo on the sidebar that I am an red-head. It's natural and I can prove it! lOL. I am also German/English by heritage whose late husband was an Irishman, catholic recovering member of AA. Need I say more? Just in case you didn't get the complete picture---the entire office heard "I WILL NOT SEE DR. SO-AND-SO--HE KILLED MY LATE HUSBAND (misdiagnosed which led to which led to--well, you read LATE husband...) SIGH. WHY do we have to go through these things simply to get a PHYSICIAN to LISTEN to us????????????
The problem with today's medicine, as I see it, is---that DOCTORS DO NOT LISTEN to their patients. It is the EXCEPTION to the RULE. And yet...they expect US to LISTEN to them???!!
There are, few and far between, exceptions to the rule. GOD BLESS Dr. Ameen My late-husband's pulmonologist), wherever he is--and our vet, Dr. Travis, and my dentist, Dr. Laquay, and Dr. Hashimi (ER dr.) and Dr. Reschly (hospitalist) who DO listened!!! Dr. Ameen had actually called an friend of ours and told him he was canceling his surgery as he, yes, the doctor- was not sure it was in his (our friend/his patients) best interest--he wanted to try an alternative route! That friend not only lived but thrived without the surgery! HE LISTENED to his patient!!! God please help me find those practitioners that will LISTEN.
I share this as well---I have a difficult time (believe it or not with what I have just shared about my "heritage"/past--) expressing my opinion/belief/feelings. You see, I am also a SURVIVOR of childhood sexual abuse. "No one listened/believed me then...why would anyone listen/believe me now?" is an EXTREMELY difficult thing for us to overcome. Finding the courage to speak out is a MAJOR step (so is dental care if anyone can connect with what I am saying...just go Google "fear of dentists and childhood sexual abuse" if you don't believe me...). So when the "powers that be" (aka doctors...) don't want to listen...well , those same tapes play and red flags go up all over the place. If I didn't have a headache, pain and/or heart issues before I went can bet your sweet bippy I do now! Or as my late husband used to say (did I mention he was also from NY---) kiss my *tiara* in Macy's window! : o !!! Yep, I am a tough old bird--I've reached haven't reached the 29th anniversary of my 21st birthday without some grit and whatever that NY or Jewish word is for tough stuff--MOXY---that's it---MOXY-- is for nothing! And I certainly am not about to rush off and have surgery based on their say so (and no significant symptoms of such) just because! Stress test, yeah--I BELIEVE--my symptoms were indeed, stress-related (with a particular isolated incident that triggered it). Gall bladder-not likely. No significant symptoms to support that diagnosis!
Anyway, PLEASE READ my previous post. PLEASE find a doctor who LISTENS if you don't already haVe one. I have given up an ENTIRE YEAR of my life to so-called "modern medicine". It (my giving up) ended TODAY. I was on at least 6 rx's and they want to add another one-rather than listen to me begging to come off them?! They get no kick-back if I do, no repeat office visits, no---well, I AM NOT---advocating you cold-turkey STOP medications--just find a physician who will work WITH YOU RATHER THAN AGAINST YOU--to find the most suitable solution to YOU for your health-care issues.
Until next time, going to (happily!) STAMP and SCRAPBOOK!
Blessings, Sharon

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