Friday, September 10, 2010


does she think she is, anyway?!

TGIFN! Not heard that one? Thank God It's Friday NIGHT?! Lol. I am so ready for a good book (since I don't have a new stamp/scrap magazine...), a rum drink and relaxing! I started my day off with Round Gazillion and 1 with my so-called "doctor" whooooo thought it was completely acceptable and realistic for me to wait until my Oct. 2nd visit to discuss the results of the nuclear stress test I had this past Wednesday. I simply kept repeating to the receptionist that I WOULD have the results TODAY. After 15 minutes of arguing, phone calls back and forth, etc. I guess I finally got through as an hour later (after I had googled my rights to my records as a patient, etc.) my phone rang and it was "Norma the Nurse" (I kid you not!)--telling me my stress test was normal! Praise God but why did I have to show my backside to get what I was entitled to in the first place?! I will be starting a blog on this new journey---as I am tapping back into holistic health approaches and modalities rather than traditional medicine. As of today---she is fired! If I took her "advice"--I'd be recovering from surgery right now--needless surgery at that. If in doubt, please don't do it just because the doctor said so. Get a second opinion--or third. That said, please don't be stupid if its a life-threatening situation but too often we take the MD's word as gospel. There's only ONE GOD in my book-and it sure ain't Dr. Todd!
That said--this beautiful wise bird is decorating the front of my health care journal. I need to start tracking my journey and I was hoarding this paper. I used it to decorate the front, side and back of a clear-covered notebook. The papers and punch outs are by My Mind's Eye. and I just love the stark black and white. I didn't want a lot of bulk under the plastic but I did add some black and white polka dot ribbon at the bottom and a CTMH white flower that I ran through the Swiss Dot embossing folder and Big Shot. The pop of red is just enough (I think!). The variety of tags say "you", "in your natural habitat" (since I am exploring natural remedies and approaches!) "not" "just a lark"! So--this is holding all my records at this point. God, the vet and I cured the tracking everything we could possibly think of in detail and talking and listening to one another we were able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and solve his issue. So-I am researching, making my list of questions, printing notes, collecting my test results, etc. and now I have a pretty place to put it. I will add it to my library as I have the Cat Care Journal-aka Inky's Story... and the "Wedding Control Journal" from planning our wedding in 2008. It kept all my contact info, to-do lists, receipts, etc. all in one convenient place and is almost a scrapbook in and of itself! And now this one...
tOmORroW...maybe I will get the card posted that I promised to post today! Sigh.

OH! Wait! One more photo. Our "girl", Ms. Dolly...has been living in one room basically since she came to live with us in Feb. She is scared of the boys and won't come out unless I carry her and hold her. So I am trying something new. While the boys are outside, I've let her out of her room and closed the doors so she doesn't have access to it. She's sticking pretty close to me but she has explored the living room and my desk...even played a little! She's not crying-just has a chronic eye issue...anyone with any ideas, Dr. T and I would welcome some insight. Her left eye, despite a variety of medications and remedies, remains cloudy and teary. It does not bother her at all, however, so that's the good news!

Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

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