Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who's been sitting in MY CHAIR...?!

So---as I was redecorating my work office, I came across some beachy things in The Country House catalog that I thought would look nice. I was really, really tired when I ordered tho and I apparently didn't pay much attention to size. This HUMONGOUS box showed up yesterday-finally. The carved shore birds I ordered...were about 1/3 the size I thought they'd be-that's ok-they will work and will look nice. The chair...that I thought was going to be SMALL and would look nice sitting on my desk with my cell phone...well, while It won't hold a small child...scroll down.....

it WILL hold a SMALL CAT! Inky immediately took to it when I set it on the floor by the front door! He thinks this is HIS NEW CHAIR! Lol..well-why not? Too big for where I planned and certainly big and heavy enough for a door stopper! He has a prime spot for watching the outside cats!

On another note ---Sarah from Stressed Stamper left a post that if I keep going so fast I was going to meet myself backwards---oh yes---it happens! While Fri. (I am off on Friday's!) and Sat. were most productive in preparing for the craft show, Sun. went downhill and yesterday-well, I almost had a meltdown. The pricing gun is MIA---so took the hour and drove to WM, got labels to do prices, etc. didn't even get started good-and the printer is out of ink! I am NOT a happy camper! My hubby left early this am to go fishing before work-and the cats didn't get
breakfast so for an hr.+ I was "serenaded" while trying to pretend I was sleeping-WANTING and NEEDING sleep BADLY (I feel like an ornry three year old!). I guess I just need to take Inky's approach and CHILL. Literally. It's all
going to come together-it's all going to work-it has for the last too-many-years to count--I just need to slow it down. Still learning-still growing....

Until next time-happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon (and Inky!)

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Stressed Stamper said...

fab chair - and glad you heard me say slow down...things will still be there tomorrow - and if not - so what...Take care Sharon
Sarah x