Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ok---so who has seen...

I got lucky the last time
I asked my followers
to help me find something I'd lost...
I am hoping the same thing will happen
again today!

This time
I am in search of...
no, not Waldo---lol.

I saw
a small tote bag
made with Stampin' Up
fabric ruffles--
the tote bag
had 3-4 rows of ruffled fabric on it...
it was priced around $ 25....
It was tote--ally (couldn't resist!) adorable!

Have you seen it?
Can you tell me where?
I would love to find it!
I have books to take
to meetings I attend
and this little bag
would be perfect...
so---if you can point me to it
I would be most appreciative.
It was (I think) on a Stampin' Up demonstrator's
but there's soooo many blogs I follow...
it's like a needle in a haystack...
needle-ruffles-fabric---pins--I mean PUNS
seem to be running rampant this morning--
maybe keeping you in stitches..?! ; )

Off to do some cleaning today
so I can rest tomorrow...
Groupies are coming
Tuesday night
and Theresa is I get to play
(well, after I do my hostess thing...!)
It's a warm, sunny breezy day
here at the beach...
hibiscus are gracing almost every vase
I have and are sprinkled throughout the house...
more on that topic...
tomorrow, Scarlett!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Theresa Dagostino Forge said...

Sounds pretty, hope you find it!