Sunday, June 3, 2012

Counting my blessings...

and a sermon for Sunday...
this is a long post...
I pray that,
 if you bear with me,
that it will be worth it--
for you-or someone you know
who might need to hear it...

First and foremost,
for your comment
and sending me to the missing card!!!
It's on Lisa Stenz' blog
I just thought they are so pretty--
simple and clean
even if doesn't have any pop dots!!!
So that was a very nice
unexpected blessing
to start my day off!

On another note---
but even along the same lines...
I gotta say that
Yes, people,
miracles do still happen
and God still answers prayers!


Many moons ago...
I lost my first husband
to lung cancer and emphysema.
Shortly after that,
during a visit with my pastor,
something he said
popped the top of a HUGE can of worms...
and memories of having been sexually abused as a child
came spewing out.
The next 7 months
were a real rollercoaster for me.
There were flashbacks, body memories, nightmares.
I was scared to death.
I had absolutely no clue
who to turn to--
so I did what I normally do--
after I've tried to fix it myself--
usually unsuccessfully--
and I asked God.
And he sent me back to my pastor
who told me
 he had no prior experience
with dealing with this sort of thing
and, given the issue, maybe I needed another woman to work with.
I was insistent that God had told me to take it to him
and he said
he was willing to do what he could.
I distinctly remember
the day I purchased not one but two copies of
The book seemed HUGE.
I handed my pastor his copy and,
with lots of fear and tears, said,
"My God--I am really sick!"
He said it was ok...
we would deal with it.
And we did.
In seven -what now seems short
but at the time  seemed like an eternity--months
I delt with what most women whose stories I read
took years upon years to deal with.
It was fast, furious and, yes--
to see how God was bringing healing
into my life.
I had an awesome support system.
I learned of a couple other women close to me
that had gone through the same thing.
At the time
I couldn't figure out
why things had broken lose when they did.
I should be dealing with the loss of my husband...
but yet
here I was dealing with a very different loss...
but a loss and death--nonetheless...
Why hadn't a counselor picked up on it years ago...
why hadn't it completely surfaced
when I had inklings of something like this having happened
when I first met my husband?
Why not...why not...

I firmly just hadn't been time earlier.
is a cliche we often hear--
and yet
when what needed to be in place was---
when HE KNEW
(key words here people...when HE KNEW...)
I was ready...
when the angels around me were ready...
He let the process begin.
And not a second sooner

Fast forward
12 years....
I've been struggling and battling with some major issues...
I finally got worn down and out enough
mentally, physically and emotionally--
I had complained, whined, ranted and raged
and had exhausted my entire bag of tricks
that I did what I do best-
I finally took control
(insert belly laugh--I have control issues-
I am a true red-head!)
and  I made a phone call...
and, as a result of the many, many prayers
of those around me---
as a result of that call...
which led to a one hour visit...
during which
was asked...
that once again
popped the top off yet another can of worms
I never had an inkling
was even on the shelf in my cupboard.
It was totally, totally unexpected...
and at the same time the cannoball hit my stomach
I also felt the ton of weight that had been sitting on my shoulders
for months years
Is it going to be a quick easy-fix?
No way!
Is it going to happen overnight?
Is it going to be painless?
Probably not.
Do I know what the picture will look like
after all the pieces are in place?
I clue.

that as long as I let
God take control---and lead the way...
that the healing that will happen
during my journey will be well worth
the pain, the tears, the struggle, the HARD work--
and the HEART WORK
I have to do.
On me.
And me alone.

for those of you that,
after reading something I've posted
uttered a prayer--offered a good thought
that paved the way to this path...
I thank you.
To any of you who choose to do so now
on my behalf,
I thank you.

And, last but not least,
to any of you out there who are struggling
who don't know what to do or who to turn to...
know that
If you will but simply ask--
in His time.
Don't give up.
Keep asking.
And when you get discouraged-
because the answer doesn't come within seconds-
minutes...a day...a week or longer...
don't give up.
Remember He's preparing the way---
He's preparing the people around you...
He's making the necessary travel plans
just for you.
When it begins
just fasten your seat belt
and enjoy the ride!


Until next time
happy stamping and scrapping.



Whimcees said...


Bless you. Wishing you a cozy, comfortable, take it easy kind of SUNDAY! :<)


Barbara Diane

Stressed Stamper said...

Aaaa h nice posting hun - sending hugs across the waters
Sarah x