Sunday, June 24, 2012

What's up with the Queen?!

Where o where I have I been?
Let me think...
I've been moving so fast that that crown
has been spinning
and even seen flying off a few times!

I've been am on
a tremendous healing journey
some life-changing things going on...
which has taken a lot of time and energy
but well worth the investment...

With lots of emotional upheaval
(but good---uprooting, pruning, watering...
all encourages growth...)
not sleeping well
and rain off and on for three weeks...
I was exhausted on all counts
with fibromyaglia raging.
Last Sunday
I stayed in bed.
Almost all day.
SO unlike me!
But my body, brain and spirit
needed it.

Last week was filled
with doctor and hospital pre-op appointments
during which I got a voicemail
from my dear friend Theresa
saying her father had passed away.
She thankfully made it to NY and spent his last
afternoon/evening with him.
Her family flew up later
and I did dog duty.
They live one town over
so lots of traveling back and forth
but she's one of those friends
that has been/will be there no matter what
and dog duty was the least I could do.
I had the pleasure a year or so ago
to have had a long conversation with this gentle-man
and, even though I didn't know him well,
I see a lot of him in my friend
and I will truly miss him.

This week
will be busy as I wrap up things at work and home
in preparation for my surgery
on Friday.

Not much time for crafting
and I tried making a photo montage
of our baby Martins
but that's not cooperating either.
Just tried uploading photos
and Blogger isn't playing nice.

tomorrow, Scarlett.
I am learning
to take things as they come
one day at a time--or slower...
it will work when the time is right
and I have the energy to give it.

This afternoon hubby and I may go hear the Marine band
play at the waterfront in Southport.
It's the only 4th of July festivities I will probably
get to participate in this year.
That's ok, too.

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.


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