Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School....more sneak peaks...

Praying my god-daughter who says
she never looks at my blog
I have been a whirling dirvish these last few days.
I am down to prepping class kits,
doing a table runner
and sweeping up cat hair
before her party.
OH---and picking up the cupcakes!

That's one I've got to keep to myself...
but the backpacks are done
(and packed!)
the drinks are ready as well
thanks to my assistant~!

the wreath is ready....
(I will never ever sharpen a pencil by hand again!)

and this is just part of the banner...

I cannot wait to put it all together and decorate---
at the same time...
my heart is breaking that she is leaving me again.
But God used his sledge hammer on me again today
to remind me...
she's not mine.
I can't keep her, hold her, protect her---
I have to let her go---and let her grow
and love her from afar.
Just as He has with us.
And that was on my WAY to church!
Off for a dip in the ocean
saltwater cures anything--
the sea, sweat or lately, for me, tears.
Stay tuned for the grand finale.
Until next time
happy stamping and scrapping.

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