Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's a bird---it's a plane---it's...


Faster than a speeding bullet...
faster than a ray of light
or however that saying goes...!
This is Inky
aka the baby...
Every now and then
he goes into his hyper mode
or, as I call it
"turbo kitty mode"
and starts tearing around the house
bouncing off furniture and the walls.
One year
a camel in the nativity scene
needed EMS--
he got a broken nose
when TK landed in the middle
of the 50+ year old set.
(Thank God it was that old-
or he probably would have needed
the local funeral home instead!)
This little guy
jumps  from the top of our bar
to the top of the refrigerator.
Or from the other bar
to the top of the refrigerator
and back again.
His favorite thing to do
is to jump back and forth from one bar to the other
while I am trying to walk back and forth
to get dinner bowl preparation supplies together
(4 cats---2 on special takes work, people!)
and yes,
we have collided in mid-air.
I always said
I was going to make him a turbo kitty cape
and yesterday I did.
Our local paper
has a column called
Sidney's Space
which is written by a dog...
and tells of the various goings on in her world
with her and her feline siblings.
We've appeared often in Sidney's Space
and I suspect Turbo Kitty will, too.
Sidney was asking for others to send in
their Halloween costume photos.
Funny thing is
when I put his cape on
he scrunches down and slinks around
like it weighs 2 tons!
Off to write Sidney
and to work on more craft show stock prep.
Until next time--
be safe and never fear-
TK has your back!
Happy Halloween---
and stamping and scrapping!

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Stressed Stamper said...

Oh no...and I thought Archies Christmas knotted snowman jumper was too much.....why do we do this to our pets...totally love it though!