Saturday, April 5, 2014

Many Thanks...

When we lost our girl a couple of weeks back
I wanted to thank our vet and her staff
for making a difficult time as painless as they possibly could.
I had a coworker contact a local bakery
and they, on short notice, made a beautiful batch
of cupcakes for me to take to the office.
For locals,
check out Crazy Cake Chics and,
if you are looking for the best vet and staff ever,
River Road Animal Hospital and Dr. Ali Travis.
I needed several different thank you notes...
for the bakery bunch...
The card is cut with one of the Close to My Heart cartridges
and then dry embossed the thanks part with the swiss dot
lots of layer....and a doily!
and the inside...
For the vet and her staff...
the vet tech was Brad---so I needed something well, that a word
my keyboard is acting wonky again--cannot get the right symbols to come up...
the blues, browns, corrugated cardstock
and the burlap did it---a few brads for BRAD as well...!
Could not resist the pun...

 For Dr. Travis...

And then the rest of the staff...
The last two I have a now-dwindling stash of---
comes in handy when time is short...and I need something fast!
I do not often take time to do more than one of something...
but once the design is created and all the stuff is out anyway...
why not
That's it for now---
for my follower who likes Bad Cat stories---lol.
I will try to share more of those.
I stopped in the middle of my dinner
to check on the diabetic cat who was eating his in another room...
and had walked out...
my husband brought him back to me
and while he was gone...
took the chicken breast off his plate and
started chowing down on it!
He was only gone 30 seconds tops!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

1 comment:

Lara said...

What a naughty kitty! Mine haven't gotten that brave....yet.
Your cards are lovely as always. I love the color and beachy feel of the shell one.