Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hello Tweety!

A few weeks  back my friend Theresa and I did a craft show together.
We lugged lots of stuff across God's green acres.
And it rained. A lot.
My fibromyalgia was raging
so I was a good girl (I thought)
and went to bed with a good book.
For two weeks now
my left shoulder, arm and hand have been numb
(I think the tables, the stock, and holding the big book in my left hand
did me in...yes, I am checking on getting a Kindle!)
I have a friend who is a massage therapist
who thankfully is NOT retiring like I had heard
and she made a house call this morning.
I am to rest and ice.  A lot. And do some gentle stretches.
And getting an x-ray was also suggested.
But I did create some cards yesterday
its kinda hard tying bows with three numb fingers
but I did it!
I cannot take credit for the design--
I cased it from

and just tweaked it a bit.
The stamp set I used was Hello Tweety from Close to My Heart
A set I love but really hadn't used-until now!
The paper is crystal blue
and the ink color is called slate--
the case shows is as a gray color
but when stamped out it has a much greener tint to it?
Can't swear its not a defective one--appears to me it is...
but it looked good with the other papers so I went with it.

I was taught from the get-go that there should be
no naked mail--so of course I stamped the envelopes too
both sides of them!
The birdcage is on the address side....

and the birds on a wire are on the back (return address) side...

I left the insides blank
so I can stamp them as needed with the appropriate sentiments
I had made a few for thank you notes for birthday gifts
and just decided that since I had everything out anyway-
why not make a dozen to have on hand?
So I did.
I'd really like to do more of this-even have some sets made up
to package and give as gifts.
This guy (aka Bad Cat)
has been taking up a lot of my scarce spare time.
We learned this week
he has high blood pressure on top of all his other issues.
God help me!
So now he's on BP medicine.
The good news is-if it works and the BP comes down
there is a chance that the kidney function #'s will improve
and we won't need to give him iv fluids!
But until that happens-
Momma gets to cart him to the vet once a week for bp checks.
They did make a house call for us
hoping it would be better here at home-but it wasn't.

I gotta say though
I am seeing improvement in him.
He's been a lot more vocal (not a good thing at 4 AM!),
more active, more wanting to interact with us.
He wants to sit in my lap a whole lot more
so I think it's his way of saying thank you
for forcing so many meds into him.
They know a lot more than we give them credit for.
This guy (aka Inky aka the baby...)
has stopped looking for Ms. Dolly.
We've tried to pay him a whole lot more attention
and it seems to be helping.
He goes for a check up early next month.
PLEASE pray that he gets a clean bill of health!
And this guy (aka Poppa Cat)
is still struggling with diabetes.
We cannot seem to get his blood sugar regulated as easily this time as
we did the first go-round.
Had to laugh-the vet tech that came the other evening
could not get over how calm and relaxed PC really is!
He is a TERROR at the vet's office!
Well, I've worn out my ice pack.
Time to do some stretches and replenish the pack.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

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Stressed Stamper said...

Beautiful card - love all the detail - told you craft fairs get the better of you....take care