Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day...

I started out my over-booked hectic crazy week
with a car accident on Monday
while on my way to the physical therapist
who told me I have not one but two pinched nerves in my neck
(hence my two numb fingers.
no one was seriously hurt;
the cars were driveable;
the damage to the other drivers car
will be covered by our insurance;
and the damage to our car is just minor scrapes.
And I made it to my appointment on time.
The poor young man I hit
had just found out he had lost his job.
I asked if he was a Christian and when he said yes,
I immediately started praying for both of us!
I am sure he was ready to call the men in the white coats--
first this lady hits him and crunches his car
and then breaks out in prayer in the middle of down-town in a parking lot.
Oh well.
He did give me a hug before we left.
prayers that God will open doors for him
he never even dreamed of.
My other good news this week is--
Bad Cat's blood pressure is coming down!!!
We may very well be at a normal point at home---
so in another 2 weeks we'll recheck it and his kidney numbers.
Keeping my fingers crossed (and my prayers said!).
I wanted  needed something simple and fun to do today
and as I was blog hopping
I found this:

which has great instructions on how to make it.
Here's my version:

Not only did I have EVERYTHING on hand to do this---
but it was super, super easy!
My only suggestion is---
DO put a layer of adhesive down along the outside edge of your circle
that will allow you to position your blue (first) layer of cones
and adjust them as needed.
I hot-glued mine and then ended up ripping them off
and repositioning them.
Doesn't show-but the other would have been easier the first time.
The other layers were a piece of cake to put in.
I'm not super at making rosettes
and with two numb fingers-it was tricky.
There are sooooo many beautiful variations on this on the web---
I cannot wait to make more!
Thank you, Marie, for sharing this!
Tomorrow is Memorial Day.
As the liturgist said in church today,
All gave some, some gave all.
I have two nephews currently serving
and I am very proud of them.
To those who have dedicated their lives--
along with their families and loved ones-
Thank you.
For those who have fallen
in the name of freedom,
may you rest in peace
and thank you
for the price you paid was great.
it's not just a three-day week-end....
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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