Sunday, August 30, 2009

Flash Drive "MIA"....

Ok---so I did work yesterday in the craft room-I really did---but computer told me my hard drive is FULL (not even room to have it compile, compress or whatever it does to files to make more room for more files...!) So I went in search of my flash drive. I looked everywhere--twice---and a few places 3 times. Nada. Nothing. Zip (pun). So I called my husband who was out on the boat...The conversation went something like this:
(W) "Hi Honey-are you having a good time?"
(H) "oh, yes!"
(W) "Good! Um, would you by chance happen to know where my flash drive is...?"
(H): Looooong pause...(and this was just a call from OKI to the waterway-not trans-atlantic!) "Was it on a string?" (he puts string on EVERYTHING)
(W): "No, honey, it was on a narrow, bright yellow with black polka dots ribbon...." (bright, so in my was easily spot-able)...
(H) "Um, I don't remember the ribbon...but it seems to me there are 3-4 flash drives in my desk and I only have one that's mine..."
(W) thinking-not saying--- what-he does with flashdrives what dogs do with bones? "Oh, ok-so is this your desk drawer... here...?" (waiting, hoping)
(H) " work."
(W) Sigh. So...I am on hold until Monday. Even then...not sure that without a trip to WM...I will have a flash drive. I have wayyyyy too many photos on the computer! Gotta get them orgd and off --again. Not going there, either! So maybe tomorrow-or the next day, I will be able to post. In the meantime, go to Thursday's post and take a look at the Close to My Heart 2010 Retiring List...lots of good things on there that will only be available until they run out or December 31st-whichever comes first. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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